Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Days and Bubble Tents

Has the sight of a kid on a swing ever made you tear up? Um...*raises hand.* I know, I know! But I'm pregnant. And she was giddy and giggling and throwing her head back and...it was a really great day. :)

It all started when I woke up Monday morning and realized "Holy cow. Any day now I could be a mother of two." And it kind of freaked me out a little bit. I am so excited for Gracie to get here, but I know my days are numbered as the mother of a singleton. In approximately two weeks, maybe more or maybe less, I'm simply not going to have as much one on one time with Evelyn anymore. So I immediately decided a mother-daughter day was in order!

We ate breakfast and watched Sesame Street like it was any other day, and then I got to work. I hurriedly threw in a load of laundry and dishes and began assembling a picnic lunch. My plan was to spend the morning at the park with my girl, come home for a nap, and then it would be time for a special surprise that I had waited all summer for to share with Evelyn!

 Grapes, cheese and crackers, and vanilla pudding. It was a snacky sort of lunch, haha; one that neither of us would eat much of. I'm pretty sure we lived off of grapes all day. Evelyn wouldn't touch the crackers once she saw the fruit. And though she resembles her father in many ways, she does NOT share Eric's love for pudding. Duly noted. 

We loaded up and were on our way! I must say that I was pretty proud of myself. I lugged around my daughter, a picnic basket loaded with all of our gear, and a full term pregnant stomach like a pro. I'm starting to get the hang of this whole once you're a mother your life resembles a juggling act thing. 

We always head for the swings first...probably because it's the only age appropriate thing for her in the whole park, haha. I certainly cannot do slides at the moment. Oh, geez...could you imagine? But today it struck me how big Evelyn looked as she was swinging back and forth. Maybe I was just being sentimental, but I don't know...take a look at her in this same spot this past April. 

What a difference one summer makes!

After the swings, Evelyn had me running all over the place. I'm not exaggerating. We covered every square inch of that park. And the entire time I was thinking, "Please get out all of your energy!" She did, too! For the first time in nearly a week I had no problems whatsoever getting her to lay down for a nap. Thank you, Jesus. 

We did eventually stop for a sidewalk chalk break. I wish I could show you every single picture from our day. Check my facebook page, I'm sure they'll all end up there. :) But this was by far my favorite shot of the morning...

*I. love. her.*

We ate our "lunch," and Evelyn started filling her diaper. BIG TIME. Haha. That was my cue that it was time to go home. Check her out, the amazing grape eating machine. She decided that eating grapes straight off of the stem is much easier than taking the time to pull them off. Silly girl!

So we packed it all in and headed home for nap time. As Evelyn slept I was getting more and more excited for her special surprise. All summer long I had thought about showing Evelyn the joy of my childhood: the bubble tent. But I never thought she was ready. She was just too little. But this day, why, this day would be the perfect day to share such a special thing with her.

For those who don't know, the bubble tent is a lovely little invention that involves taking a box fan and a bed sheet and creating a do-it-yourself dome of fun and imagination. Haha. Every time we got together, my cousins and I would spend hours making these darn "tents" all around my grandma's house. We could get some MONSTER tents going...I'm talking multiple fans and several sheets worth of tent. Uhmazing. But I thought we'd keep it simple for Evelyn's first trial run.

To build a bubble tent of your own, you only need a few things:
A box fan, an old bed sheet, and 6-8 heavy shoes (books work, too!)

Cover the top of the fan with one end of the sheet, and then spread the sheet out on the floor in front of the fan. Then, line the perimeter of the sheet with your weights, leaving a space on one side that you and your friends (I mean kids!) can crawl through. I also use a couple of the weights to hold down the sheet on the top of the fan. It should look something like this:
(Minus my kid, of course!)

 Power up the fan, and wala! 
Hours of cheap fun and enjoyment.

So there I was daydreaming about grabbing pillows and books and spending the rest of the afternoon chillin' in the tent with my girl. When she woke up from her nap, I was so excited! I gathered all of the supplies I would need, and I tested the fan...and then I knew I was in trouble. Big trouble. Evelyn's reaction to the whirring box fan was about as bad as when I get out the big bad vacuum cleaner. She was terrified. Absolutely, positively scared.to.death.

I tried to tell her how great it was inside. "Just take a peek," I said. 
"Oooh, doesn't this look like fun?"

Well, the poor thing did eventually follow me into the tent; unfortunately, this was the expression I got from her the entire time. 

And this:
And this:
Notice she is as far away from the fan as humanly possible, haha.

Well, I wasn't about to torture my daughter anymore. She was a good sport (I can't believe I even got her to crawl inside.) But alas, the bubble tent will have to wait for another day. The day when scary machines don't threaten to eat her little toesies or whatever the heck she's afraid they're going to do!

Hopefully if you ever try this out with your kiddos you'll have much better luck than me! Just remember the littles need adult supervision...otherwise they'll be sticking their fingers in fan blades or pulling bedsheets on top of themselves. (I promise this is meant to be good, clean fun, haha. Bubble tents are NOT intended to send children to the emergency room!) 

Even with this slight set back I would have to say that this was an awesome day! Daddy came home from work, and we had Evie's favorite thing for dinner: pizza! We followed it up with a family walk in the crisp Fall air. Perfection, I tell you. 

I still get a little emotional thinking about my Evie girl in the swing...and knowing it may be the last time we're able to get out with just the two of us for a while. (Who knows, maybe we'll do this again sometime this week!) But I know there are lots of fun days ahead! I can't even imagine how great it's going to be for our entire family to welcome Gracie into our little world. For now, I'll always have the memories of another fun day chasing after Evelyn. Just another day in paradise. :)


Keeping Up With the Roscow's said...

It's not just your hormones Adrien, I was teary eyed reading this post too. Looking at her in the swing reminded me of the song "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean. If you haven't heard it, you must listen to it! I cry like a baby everytime I hear it. Evie & Gracie are so lucky to have such a Wonderful/Witty/Fun Mommy!! I have confidence in you that you will have enough love to spread around to two baby girls :)

Anonymous said...

Adrien - I have enjoyed each entry, can't wait to share with Grandma Joan this evening. Keep up the great writing. Love ya all

Grandpa Greg

Christine Pettijohn said...

I love your post on here!! She is getting so big!I tear up when I see how big Wyatt is getting. I cannot wait for when we decide to go for round to and see it all over again. It makes me sad to think of all the kids out there with no home and love. It makes me thankful what I have everyday even in those meltdown moments.

Adrien said...

Thanks, everyone! Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets emotional over the little things! Makes me think I still have an ounce of sanity. :) Happy to see you were able to comment, Greg! Haha. I hope Joan enjoyed the post!

millerz4 said...

Adrien, you made me smile, cry, laugh, and then more tears. and menopause doesn't help...lol Keep writing, I enjoy your blog immensely!


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