Friday, September 10, 2010

Confession Friday! 9-10

Because we can all be dorks sometimes.


Every Friday on one of the mommy message boards I belong to we all get together and confess our weekly mishaps. It seems that everyone does crazy things or finds themselves in ridiculous situations. It helps us all to know we're not alone! But honestly, I'd rather make my "confessions" to all of you here in the hopes that those who know me can sympathize with my plight! And if I don't know you personally, well, these confessions can only bring us closer together. :)

But there's a catch! You're not allowed to read any further unless you're willing to dish a bit yourself. And I'll know if people are peeking by using my super magical powers...known as "checking my stats." Haha.

Here are a few of MY confessions from this week:

I confess that I dropped my iPhone in the toilet at the doctor's office on Wednesday, and in my horror, reached in mid-flush to retrieve it. Twenty minutes later, while I'm sitting on the examination table, Eric is trying his hardest to dry out the phone as toilet water is slowly leaking onto the counter. I heard a lot of "No, I'm not mad at you. You just really need to be more careful!" *Glare, glare.* I guess it didn't help that I was giggling uncontrollably while Eric was seriously peeved. Sorry, honey. But you did laugh about it later!

I confess that Eric and I enjoy taking walks in the evening for fun and to help stay in shape, but when we get home we eat huge bowls of ice cream. Evelyn has gotten so used to this ritual that she starts chanting "Ice keem, ice keem!" almost immediately after we take her out of the stroller. Whoops! 

I confess that the day after I told you all about the frugality of the Envelope System, I begged Eric to take us out to eat so I didn't have to cook. For the record, we ate leftovers!

I confess that I've eaten lots of hot dogs, drank plenty of caffeine, and eaten more than my fair share of junk food this pregnancy... and miraculously, Gracie seems to be doing just fine in there!

I confess that just as I was wrapping up this blog post, my daughter came waltzing out of our room sporting a beautiful new scarf. 

Oh. Brother.

And finally, I confess that I will feel incredibly foolish if no one else posts their confessions! If I'm left hanging here, I may be a bit more hesitant to do any confessing next Friday, haha. 

So it's your turn! Take a deep breath, and spill it! Or, if you have a blog of your own you can share over there. Just don't forget to link us up in the comments so we can check it out! First to post gets a lovely scarf just like Evie's. KIDDING! :)


Cassie said...

I'm the first, ahhh, yay for a new scarf!! Bahaha, hilarious.
I'm going to do this today on my blog and send you a shout out. Great idea! Yay!
But i won't leave you without at least one confession:
I confess that I let my dog lick my baby girl right smack dab on the face. Yes, lips and all, but only a few times. Just because I love to hear the way it makes Stel giggle!!

SMudd82 said...

Well, the only one I can thing of right now when I attempted to change the light bulbs in the living room. The base broke off of one bulb and, after shutting the light off, if I cant get it with pliers, a potato always works. So I attempted to get it out. I just ended up with potato bits everywhere. When I decided to give the piers another chance, I ended up chipping the porcelain socket, too. It just wasn't my day.

Adrien said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along, girls. :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

I confess that I spend WAY too much money on things I probably wont remember I bought in a month... So I talked to my husband and have decided to start the Envelope Plan! Hope this works as well over here in Germany as it does for you in the states!!

joyce said...

I guess my confession this week would be that I guilted my husband into taken me shopping, I just needed to do something, and I used the old, we never do anything bit on him, which I new would get me my way...He really did not want to go shopping, but it was a bonus for him in the long run because I chose Rural King as our destination and he was able to get somethings he has wanted to:)

Adrien said...

Woohoo, Samantha! Good for you! Just saw your facebook post. :) That's a GREAT confession.

And everyone needs to check out Cassie's blog!! Click on her name and you will find it. LOVE your confessions, girly. They're hilarious!

Adrien said...

Hey, mom! I didn't see your post until after I had already commented. That's great, haha. And your granddaughter got something out of it, too. :)

Anonymous said...

i confess that as my son was taking a bath earlier this week, he was splashing around which, of course, elicited giggles from him and me both! so i decided to stick my hands in the tub and splash around with him...needless to say, water was all but everywhere! the hubster comes in, just a wee bit peeved, so i proceeded to tell a big fat lie and blame it all on lucas!! but, i don't think rob bought it...he could see the grin on my face!


Kim said...

i confess that i am addicted to old navy, and i hide my purchases from my hubby by taking the tags off of them and putting the clothes in random places and "finding them" a day or so later. :) oops!

Kim said...

Oh & Landon wears that same scarf all the time!!! LOL

Stephanie said...

I confess that I gave in to Tegans pitifull begging for my ravioli, and she ate a whole ravioli by herself. I just can't resist the amm namm namm momma mMmmmmm sound she makes when she gets big people food. SO bad.

Adrien said... these.

Kim did a Confession Friday, too! Everyone should check it out!

Angel said...

hey adrien I know you r probably shocked that I am blogging but I think this website or blog you have created is the neatest thing. My confession for the week would have to b that I accidently turned 3 pairs of sams boxers pink and i through them away!! SHHH


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