Friday, September 17, 2010

Confession Friday! 9-17

Even the cutest among us have their off days.

It's that time again! Confession Friday - The one day of the week we get together and share our deepest darkest secrets all girly slumber party style. Okay, not really. We just blab about the ridiculous things that we have said/done/thought/have had happen to us over the course of the week. Last week we had a very successful confession session, with over 150 of you checking in to see us divulge our mishaps. HOWEVER, less than ten actually did any fessing up! There are lots of sneaky peekers out there! So don't leave us hanging this week. ;) 

Okay, here are mine!

I confess that I nearly peed my pants laughing on our walk last Saturday night  when a dude on a moped zoomed past us and then ran out of gas. There was a loud backfiring *bang!* followed by a *sputter, sputter* and then dead silence. Eric and I turned to each other about to bust out laughing, when suddenly the guy gave a hearty chuckle from around the corner, echoing off of all the surrounding houses. I could barely walk the rest of the way home, I was laughing so hard. Maybe you had to have been there, but I'm still cracking up just thinking about it. 

I confess that I let my daughter run a muck while I'm taking a shower each day, resulting in some pretty interesting finds later on. Today, I found Moses hanging out in my makeup drawer, and my underwear was nestled in comfortably with the toothpaste. (And no, I didn't take a picture this time, haha. I already flashed my bra on the internet, I don't need to show off my unders, too!)

I confess that my husband taught our still semi-nursing daughter to say "booby" this week. Thanks, dear.

I confess that I was so much FATTER at this point in my pregnancy with Evelyn than I am now with Gracie, and I am blissfully happy about that. Not happy that I was large and in charge with Ev... just happy I'm not reliving it!

I confess that there was nearly no blog post yesterday. I was racking my brain and couldn't think of a thing...and it was driving me NUTS! But I just couldn't let it go. So when I finally decided on what to do I pounded it out in about 20 minutes, and with finding and adding pictures it took about an hour. Whew! I am a super star. :D And Eric confesses that, because I pounded it out in 20 minutes, I didn't capitalize "Christian" every time, and it makes him crazy. (Sorry, honey...aka my editor. It won't happen again!)

Your turn! Confession is good for the soul, so bring it on. "Do it...Do it...Do it...Do it!


Ashley N. said...

It's ok to let Evie run crazy while you're getting ready in the morning.....whenever I watch my cousin's kids, I do the same thing! SO much easier!

I know it's not really a confession, but just wanted to let ya know I'm with ya!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I confess Wyatt still sleeps in the bed with Mommy and Daady and that everynight at nine we put the movie Cars in and snuggle together and fall asleep. I am a bad mom I know but I love it. When he is a teenager he wont want anything to do with me so I am going to enjoy it now.

Adrien said...

Oh, gosh...don't feel bad, Christine. Evelyn still sleeps with us, too, and we have another one on the way. Not quite sure how this is going to work out! (If you're still looking for ideas to kick off your blog, feel free to do your own Confession Friday! Several friends have started their own, and they all crack me up!)

Cassie said...

First off, that picture of Evie is hilarious. Someday when she gets older she is going to say 'really Mom, did you realy post that,' too cute!!
This week's confession: I am a George Strait Junkie. bahahaha, embarrassing, I know, but he just may be the best looking "older" man I know!!


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