Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deep Thoughts and Goofballs

Eric and I often discuss what we think the perfect age is. Is it when you're a carefree kid with nothing to worry about except who you're going to play with at recess and what kind of snacks are in the fridge at home? Is it high school, when you have more freedoms and energy but minimal responsibilities? Is it college, when you strike it out on your own for the first time? Is it when you're a newlywed? A new parent? A grandparent? Retirement? Or even beyond? Wow, there are a lot of life stages, haha.

After a little debate, we usually end up deciding that our perfect ages will be around the time many of our family goals are met, whenever that is. I'm often known to comment that I cannot wait until my thirties. Not because I'm dying to be thirty, but I just feel that I will be "in my element" as a mom around that time. I'll have school aged kids with school age things to be involved in, we'll be debt free, and hopefully purchasing our first home if we haven't already. It'll be a fun time, *I think.* :)

But then I always come back around and say, "But wait. I don't want to reach my 40th birthday and think the best of life is behind me." I NEVER want to think the best of life is behind me. Never ever.  On the other hand, I don't want to constantly be waiting for certain things to happen to the point that I'm not appreciating the here and now. Our family is doing a lot to prepare for the future, but we're having a blast living in the present!

Is there a perfect age? Can we ever really appreciate how "good we have it" while we're having it? Or is that something that is reserved for the days when we're older - when we can be retrospective and can compare certain times to others? Whoa. Does your brain hurt yet, because mine sure does!

We were just talking about this very topic on one of our walks last weekend, so imagine our surprise when the issue came up on the popular St. Louis talk radio program, "The Dave Glover Show" this week. And not only were they talking about it, but my husband's name came up in the fold! Bahaha. Some of you may know that Eric has two jobs, one of which is working as a producer for FM News Talk 97.1 on the weekends.

The Dave Glover show is (in my words) a bunch of goofballs that get together and talk about completely random topics every afternoon. You never quite know what you're going to get when you tune in, but you're usually laughing about whatever it is. Dave describes the show as "recess for adults."

Apparently there was a study released recently that said the perfect age to be is around 46 years old, and the guys on the show totally disagreed. They thought that was much too old, and that the actual answer was about 33. On the flip side, they thought anything younger than 33 was just a time when they made a lot of mistakes, particularly with their finances. Dave specifically mentioned that he definitely would not want to relive age 25. And that's where Eric came in. :)

Here is a link to the radio program where you can hear the guys hash it out for themselves. But first, a little disclaimer: I'm not sure what world Dave is living in, but we are definitely NOT rolling in cash, haha. And, contrary to popular belief, we do not keep Korean kids chained in the basement. (You know, just in case you were worried about the rumors.)

To hear the approximate one minute clip I'm referring to, fast forward to about 23:15. Otherwise, you'll be listening for quite a while before you hear what I'm talking about! You'll be tuning in towards the end of the segment, which is over at 24:30. 

Did you hear it?? I'm still laughing about it. :) First of all, it was really, really cool of them to say such nice things about my hubby. Yay, guys! You get the wife stamp of approval from me! Secondly, I think I'm going to stop telling Eric he is my cute dorky husband, and start calling him "straight-laced," instead. :) And of course, this allows me another shameless opportunity to remind my young friends to PAY YOUR BILLS, haha.

So what do you think? Is there a perfect age? An age you fondly look back on or are looking forward to?  Share your prospective!

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Ashley N. said...

The whole "He must have some weird fetishes" (sp?) things was funny...maybe little Korean kids locked in the basement wouldn't be so bad. Then you wouldn't have to clean up after Evie! LOL


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