Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dream a little dream with me...

Eric is making s'mores in the oven, Evelyn is running around jabbering (and snorting?), and we had a sweet peek inside at our baby girl today. All is well with the world. I love our life in the here and now. It truly is wonderful. But that doesn't mean we don't have dreams and goals for the future. (Hahaha, I just heard Eric give an "Oh, yeeeah," for his s'mores in the kitchen.) ANYWAY, wanna know the real reason we're stuffing money into envelopes every month? Feast your eyes on this:

To quote my husband, "Oh, yeeeah." "The Augusta." Our dream home. 

Alright, so maybe this isn't the only reason we're stuffing money into envelopes every month, but it's certainly a motivator! I've actually considered hanging this picture on the refrigerator so that every time I want to eat out, every time I want to go on a shopping spree, I can look at this and say, "Nope, not worth it. We're saving for this!" It's a bit large. Maybe too large, as I am learning. 5,600 square feet would be a lot to clean. :) But it's The DREAM, right? 

Let's take a tour of The Dream together. We didn't prefer the original floor plan as is, so we flipped it; hence, the backwards writing. (And when I say "we," I really mean "I," of course.) Remember, clicking the pictures will make them larger!

Here's the first floor:

Some of my favorite features? I love the Butlers Pantry between the Kitchen and Dining Room. I've always wanted one of those. I love the Family Room off of the Kitchen, and the second staircase to get to the second level. I love that the Study is connected to the Master Suite and that it's all on the bottom level. What I don't love? The "grand staircase" is just a little too "grand" for my taste. I'd prefer the stairs on the right, with a Juliet Balcony above. We might just have to make those changes. :)

Let's head upstairs!

Bedrooms and bathrooms. Pretty straight forward, which is fine with me. By the time we're in this place, I'll be happy that the loud music, giggly slumber parties, and late night study sessions (haha, yeah right!) won't interrupt my sleep. This will be the kids' domain. 

Inside of The Dream, you might find features like these:

Coffered Ceilings

Cherry (or other darker wood) cabinets - Eric's pick!

Lots of Wainscoting!

There's my Juliet balcony!

Eric's mahogany paneled study

Oil rubbed bronze fixtures

Hey, a butlers pantry! Yes, please. 

And FINALLY one of these!

If our calculations are correct, we'll be building The Dream in about...oh...15 years. That's not so long, right? :) For now, we'll sit here on our college furniture, in this 1300 sq. ft. duplex, eating s'mores with our baby and dreaming the dream. 

Now before I get totally flamed, I know that "You can't take it with you." But I love Zig Zigler's quote: "If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time." So we're aiming high. Would we be totally devastated if we realized in the future that we just couldn't or didn't want to build "The Augusta?" Nope. Dreams change. Life happens. But we all need to aim at something. We all need to stay motivated somehow. And on days that I'm folding endless loads of laundry and changing another poopy diaper, it helps to think that maybe, just maybe, someday all of the sacrifice will pay off. 

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Ashley N. said...

Oooh! Looks awesome! Dream BIG, why not?? I just want to visit when you get it!


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