Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Okay, so slightly off topic, but relevant to my life just the same. Just how do you pronounce Evelyn's nickname? I'm actually asked this question quite a bit by people who have only ever seen it spelled out. WE pronounce Evelyn's nickname "Evie," as if it rhymes with "heavy." 

I know, some of you  may be shocked.... I get a lot of, "Oh! I thought it was Evie (rhymes with Stevie)!" And here's the deal: So many people do call her Evie-rhymes-with-Stevie that it's kind of become like another nickname entirely. And we're totally cool with that. So really, call her whatever you want. We call her "pretty" a lot, but that's definitely not her name. ;)

But just so you're in the know...just so the air is cleared... our gorgeous daughter Evelyn is "heavy Evie" in our household. (And no, we don't REALLY call her heavy Evie. That's just cruel, haha.) 


Anonymous said...

you're blog is really cute! i think i'm going to have to bookmark it!!

rachel fox

ps - always thought it was the "rhymes-with-stevie Evie!"

Keeping Up With the Roscow's said...

Thank you for clearing that up!! I always that Evie rhymed with Stevie. Too funny.

Adrien said...

See?? Glad I am able to set the record straight. :)

oneknightstands said...

HAHA Heavy Evie... well I know the nickname I'll be using now. : )


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