Monday, September 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...Autumnmas?

I did it! I braved the depths of the basement and pulled out some Fall decor. After a little bit of sweat, and a lot of, "Oh, well...I'm pregnant, it's just going to have to look that way," the outside of our home is ready to welcome the season!

I am in no way, shape, or form a professional decorator by ANY stretch of the imagination.  Nor am I that great of a photographer. You'll learn if you keep following this blog that I enjoy taking pictures of things, but I have no clue what I'm doing! So, you may have to cock your head to the side from time to time, or squint really tightly to get just the right effect. But I'm a visual person, so for all my visual sister friends out there, I'll keep taking cruddy photos. (By the way...if you haven't discovered this by now, you can make the pictures very LARGE by clicking on them. Kinda scary for me, but better for you!)

Alright, are you ready? I'm taking you through it all. I'm a nosy butt, sometimes, so here's your chance to be nosy right along with me. You just have say this oath out loud before proceeding further. "I (insert name here) promise not to judge Adrien on her messes, her filthy porch, or her lack of true decorating ability." Great! Here we go.

Evelyn was at her grandparent's house, Eric was upstairs taking a nap, and I was on a mission. I slipped on my sandals, trudged downstairs, and found this waiting for me around the corner.

 Oh, we have much, much more junk than this...but this is the holiday decor's stomping grounds. All thrown around and waiting for me to dig through. Luckily it didn't take too terribly long to find what i was looking for. If only I didn't have to take ten trips up and down the stairs to get it all outside! 
*I spy a cowboy hat. Do you see it? A little memento from our Wild West party last year!*

This is what I ended up with before I started hanging and arranging:

These little babies are my BEST FRIENDS when I'm hanging just about anything. I ditched the traditional brass wreath hanger a couple of years ago, and I'll never look back!

I think a simple wreath makes a big impact, and you could be decorating brain dead and still hang a wreath!

Before and After:

If only I could take away that disgusting rusted out chain hanging between the doors!

Now my confession: I am a faux flower lover. (You have no idea how excited I was when I learned Thrifty Decor Chick is, too!) And no, I am not too proud to use these beauties outside. Um, I have seen people "plant" faux flowers before, and I will say that I would never go that far, haha. But hey, they don't need watering, they always look the same, and they were left over from my wedding...which means F.R.E.E. 

(I don't discriminate against faux leaves, either!)

Another wedding leftover: hanging lanterns. I purchased these lanterns in a lot from ebay, and used my *then* PartyLite consultant discount to get enough shepherds hooks to hang them from. My wonderful father-in-law had some stands custom made so that we could use these lovelies inside for the ceremony. I have used these outside now at two of our homes, and both times I've used the stands instead of staking them in the ground. Boy am I thankful for those things!

Oh, hello there, little friend! :)

By then, I was seriously sweating my pregnant little tushy off. It was around 5pm and the sun was beating down on the front of our house. So I added a dash of autumn garland here and there and called it a day! I'm sure I looked just classy to passersby... my nearly eight month pregnant self balancing on a kitchen chair on the front porch. I have no shame. But here's the finished product!

Tada! Told you, I'm no decorator, but it already makes our entrance 100 times more inviting. I'll give you a dollar if you can find my lemonade cup, haha. Not really; I don't have a lot of dollars. But the cup is definitely in the picture!

There you have it, everyone. My Fall decorating adventure. Thanks so much for letting me share! Don't forget that you can leave comments and/or share your adventures with all of us, too. You can even shamelessly link us up to your own blog so we can glean some further inspiration. I don't mind. I encourage it. :)


joyce said...

Love your blog, you are sooooo creative, I think you get that from your momma. LOL, by the way your cup is in the bottom right hand side of the window..LOL , Mom

Anonymous said...

it's very... whimsical, Adrien! haha, no I think it's beautiful and you have inspired me to get a fall wreath for my front door, and pull out the rest of my decorations.

Kim Luke said...

I think it looks awesome Adrien!! Great job! I can't wait to get moved into our new house so I can decorate! Keep up the good work momma! :)


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