Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not So Scary Halloween!

Whoa, baby, we're halfway through September! If you haven't already, it's definitely time to start thinking about your kid's halloween costume, especially if you purchase one in the store. By this time next month the pickings will be super slim, and Christmas will have already taken over many aisles. Some stores are already selling out of their most popular costumes!

In just a sec, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite costume picks for this year and where you can find them. But first, let me explain why I LOVE Halloween. EEK!

Halloween can be sort of a "sticky subject" in the Christian community, and even non-christians can probably guess why that is. So know first of all that these are the views of the Robert family, and we definitely don't represent all christians, everywhere. We respect YOUR opinion on this issue, and here's ours:

Halloween is probably one of the most awesome days of the year for creating community among strangers and neighbors. At what other time do perfect strangers turn on their porch lights and welcome your family onto their doorstep? And then, they give you something. In a world where most people would rather just keep to themselves, I think this is great. I also think it is a unique opportunity for you to show off your own hospitality skills, because visitors may just come to your door, too! As Christians we are called to be "in the world, not of the world." Well...I sorta think not participating in Halloween takes you out of the equation, altogether. How can you be a witness in your community if you don't participate in... community? I believe it is possible to enjoy the benefits of this day without being "of the world."

That's why in our household, we celebrate "not so scary" Halloween. You'll never see one of my kids dressed up as a witch or a vampire. (Though, I must admit here that I'm a sucker for a few Disney halloween flicks, haha. Can you say Hocus Pocus? Halloweentown? Go ahead and throw your stones, I'm a huge hypocrite and I know it.)



Last year, Evie was an adorable pink butterfly! This year I have plans to snatch up a cute peacock costume from Old Navy... but it's not online, so unfortunately I can't show you any pictures.

So without further ado, here are a few my favorite "not so scary" Halloween costumes for every budget! These costumes were all chosen based on two criteria. 1) They must be super cute 2) They can't be made out of cheap, flimsy material which requires wearing layers. If you can't see the costume because it's covered by a jacket, then what's the point?

Pottery Barn Kids
BY FAR my favorite costumes! But they come with a price tag. I personally cannot bring myself to pay $50 or more for something that will be worn once, but boy was I tempted by the caauute girl's owl costume!! Check out the straw on the root beer! I love it! And while several places have cupcake costumes this year, Pottery Barn's is the best.


CLICK HERE for more

Gymboree has some awesome costumes that are worth checking out, but most would require wearing a layer that would take away from the cuteness. Here are a few that I think would be fine on their own. Love the dinosaur! (Don't forget your 20% off coupon usually found in "Parents," "Parenting," or "Family Fun" magazines!)

CLICK HERE for more

Old Navy
This is where we get our costume every year! The costumes are snuggly warm, and super cheap! Sounds like a great combo to me! Unfortunately, there wasn't a great girly selection this year. :( But there are still some cute costumes worth noting. Act fast, they're having a sale! And you can combine with a coupon!


CLICK HERE for more

Babies 'R Us
They have a TON, but most are online only. Still, I couldn't resist showing you a couple of my favorites. 
Love the scarecrow, and the bunny is just sickeningly sweet.

CLICK HERE for more

I sure hope this helps someone! Have fun shopping for the perfect "not so scary" Halloween costume this year! And if you've already purchased something for your kiddos you should totally show us or tell us what it is. Just leave a link or message in the comments. Looking forward to seeing what everyone's littles will be this year!


Meagan said...

Thanks for some great ideas!! Some of those costumes are super if only I could convince my three year old that! lol

Kathy Schumer said...

Adrien, I totally agree with your views on Halloween. I am glad to see someone else shares my opinion! Every year since we have been married, Dan and I deck the house out in Halloween decor and make little baggies with pencils, toys, candy, and most importantly, witnessing tracks. We sit outside with snacks and hot chocolate and give each kid a warm welcome and a glow bracelet, since our street is very dark. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear kids exclaim "Let's go to the pretty house!" from the street. I love this opportunity to be hospitable to the people of the community and share the gospel.

Oh and Evie is super adorable in costume :)

Adrien said...

Haha, Meagan...I'm enjoying these first couple of years while I have TOTAL say over costume choice. I may not be so lucky next year!

That sounds like fun, Kathy. :) And that's exactly my point. What a great way to build relationships with your neighbors!

Kim Luke said...

i love them all!! the cupcake is probably my favorite for a girl... and the scarecrow for a boy!!!
i dont know if i can get a costume that has anything on the head for Landon. he hates hats, sunglassess...basically anything that goes on his head. lol

Adrien said...

Evelyn is the same way right now. (So frustrating!) That's why I love the costumes that have hoods instead of hats, because then if she decides she doesn't want it on her head, it's still attached!


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