Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is Your Family's Flavor?

Did you know that the sense of smell is the only sense you have that is directly connected the part of your brain responsible for storing memories? Getting a whiff of just the right scent can transport you back to very specific times in your life or places you have been.

Fragrance makes a HUGE impression on us as human beings. It was definitely the first thing that attracted me to my husband. :) And the smell of burning leaves puts me over the moon for my favorite season. But while some fragrances can attract us, others can cause us to hightail it and run the other way. And I'm not just talking about foul odors. Maybe you had a crabby teacher in school that wore a very specific perfume.  Chances are anytime you smell that scent again (for the rest of your life) you will have very negative feelings towards it. Now that's power, people! Speaking of power, think of how many stores or businesses you know that use fragrance to attract a certain clientele. Whether it be food, or knock-you-on-your-butt strong cologne, they use these scents to lure you in.

Fragrance can affect our mood, productivity, and even our appetite.  So here's the big question: What does your home smell like?

Have you ever stopped to consider this? Fragrance sets the ambiance and "personality" of your home.  Every time you invite a guest over, your home's fragrance is the FIRST impression they will have of where your family lives...and I don't have to tell you how important first impressions are! It doesn't matter how gorgeous your living room is...if it smells like garbage, it smells like garbage, know what I mean? No one is going to want to hang out in there, haha. (I doubt many of you have garbage smelling living rooms! But do you have pets? Sweaty kids or husbands? Any number of things can add *interesting* fragrance to a room, and you may not even be aware of it if you spend all of your time there.)

Case in point: It is important to enhance your home's ambiance and set the mood with fragrance. Don't know where to start? Check out this handy guide to achieve just the right atmosphere you are looking for!

For a cozy/warm ambiance, try:
Edible and Spicy Scents
Cinnamon and Vanilla serve as undertones for most edible and spicy fragrances. Finding a scent with a name like "Baked Apple Pie," "Pumpkin Roll," "Ginger Snap," or "Vanilla Cream" is sure to set a cozy, "homey" mood in any room. 

To relax and unwind, try:
Nature Inspired Scents
Think about the fragrances you would smell in a Spa. Don't go to the Spa? Create your own at home using scents with names like, "Rainforest," "Beach," "French Lavender," or "Pima Cotton."

For a rejuvenating/stimulating atmosphere, try:
Citrus Scents 
Need to get your family motivated or get your creative juices flowing? Look for fragrance names such as "Cucumber Lime," "Citrus Sun Tea," "Sunkissed Citrus," or "Pineapple Paradise."

To stir up a little romance, try:
Musks and Florals
Nothing says romance like a manly musk or a feminine floral scent! Try fragrances with names like, "Lilacs and Violets," "Lush Gardenia," "Rustic Lodge," or "Hemingway."

To emphasize cleanliness, try:
Fresh and Clean Scents
Bathrooms and laundry rooms are the perfect places to try out scents with labels like, "Clean Breeze," "Ocean," "White Tea and Cactus," or "Thunderstorm."

Any of those names seem intriguing to you? Find ALL of them (and tons more) at my favorite place to purchase home fragrances:

So, the next time you are out shopping for a new home fragrance, consider the atmosphere you want to create in your home and work from there. And just day...when your kids are out on their own, they may catch a fragrance floating on the breeze that takes them back to their childhood. To your home. To the place that you created for them to be their sanctuary. And they will smile and lovingly think of you. What fragrance do you want that to be? No pressure. But it's kind of a big deal. :) 

So go on, ladies! Make your homes smell gooood. It DOES matter in the long run!

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