Thursday, September 23, 2010

You're Invited to Family Photo Day!

When it comes to family photos, being on a budget can really stink! Either you pay big bucks to have someone take pictures for you, or you rarely capture a shot where every member of your family is in a picture at the same time. This has always been a huge pain in the rear for us!

So from our family to yours, we are offering a FREE Fall photo session on Sunday, October 3 starting at 2 pm for all interested friends and family. (If you are reading this, you definitely qualify as a friend!) Here's how it works: We will make ourselves available to take pictures of your family that Sunday afternoon during a specific time slot, but in order to keep this open to as many families as possible, we'll be relying on some kind souls to step up and be willing to take some pictures as well. 

If you have a decent camera (a digital SLR would be great!) and are willing to take some pictures, we will make sure your family gets adequate photo time. We are definitely NOT professionals here...we just understand your photographical frustrations. :) And heck, they're free pictures. The more cameras we can have going at once, the more families we can fit into the schedule. And the more the merrier! In other words, this is just a day for a big group of extended and/or new friends to get together and capture some memories. We can all help each other! This is a fun little tradition we hope to continue every Fall. We started this idea last year on a much smaller scale with just a few friends, and it was a great success! 

Our friends, Zach and Andrea Ingles at last year's photo day. (Before baby Jay!)

IF we are the only family with a camera willing to take pictures, then there will definitely be a limit on how many families can participate, and it will be first come, first served. Because we are in the Fall season our days are getting shorter and shorter; therefore, we'll be racing the clock and the setting sun. Because of this, there will be no sessions scheduled any LATER than 5:30 pm. So the amount of participating families, as well as the number of willing volunteers, will determine how long each family will have to take their photos. Make sense?

Also, if you own a digital camera that you're happy with, we're asking that you bring it along for your family photos. It will be much faster and easier if we can take your pictures with your own camera...and then you'll get your shots the same day, guaranteed! If you don't own a camera you're happy with, then ours (or any other volunteered cameras) will be available. In that case, they would be hosted online for you to download. 

A shot from The Stellhorn Family's photo session. (Photographing kids is hilarious. I wish we could show the blooper pics, but I wouldn't do that to you, Sarah, haha.)

So here is an outline of the basic information you NEED to know:

Family Photo Day
Sunday, October 3
Red Bud, IL 
Meet at the pavilion between the golf course pond and the Jaycee’s
Bring your own camera, if possible
RSVP by leaving a comment here, or through a private message on my facebook page by Tuesday, September 28 at NOON to reserve your spot!
*Once we have a list of all participating families and willing volunteers, I will compile a schedule to give you an idea of when your family's pictures will be taken.*

The main focus right now is to get a head count of who will be coming. Any more specific information that may come up will be sent to the participating families along with the completed photo session schedule. Geez, this is a really formal blog post, isn't it? :) It's kind of giving me the willies....

With our friends' permission, here are a few more shots we took last year to give you an idea of the proposed setting and type of pictures you will be getting! 

The Ingles

The Stellhorn Family

The Robert Family 

These are all unedited, untouched photos taken by amateur photographers. Once you get your pictures home you can play with them however you choose! 

So please check your calendars and let us know if you would like to come out this year and join us! And in your RSVP, mention whether or not you will be bringing your own camera. This will help greatly in knowing how many families I can fit into the schedule. Thanks, guys! Hope to see you on the third!


Christine Pettijohn said...

Count Vince and I in. Those all look great!! We have a camera and would be happy to help take others photos also.

Adrien said...

Great! I'll let you know next week if we'll need more photographers for sure. So far we've only had three confirmed families besides us...and I hope that Grace decides to hold off a little longer, haha.

alyssa marshall said...

hey punk. If you and the fam are up in Chicago any time let me know and I take some photos of ya's! Great idea btw!

Adrien said...

Lys! Careful, we may just take you up on that offer. :) Can you believe that Eric has NEVER been to Chicago? We do plan to make a trip up there...someday!


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