Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn Memories

Hallelujah! We did it. We finally did it. We successfully managed to take our child to the pumpkin patch to pick the annual Robert Family Pumpkin. (Notice the capital letters there. It's official.) There were no diaper accidents, no meltdowns, and nothing was lost, forgotten, or broken. Yessss!

It was a near record-setting warm October day here in Southern Illinois. If it wasn't for the beginnings of color popping up on the trees and the sights of fields being harvested, we would've thought the clock had been turned backwards and we were in the middle of August again! Let's just say that Evelyn definitely couldn't wear the Fall outfit I bought months ago in preparation for this day...she was in shorts! And even though it would have been nice to feel just a little nip in the air to remind us that it actually is Fall, the sun was shining, and the Robert family was in good spirits.

I think that sometimes pictures tell the story better than words ever could, so I'll let them speak mostly for themselves. Enjoy. We did!

Well, Evie found our pumpkin, guess we can go home now! These big berthas were $35, and if we lived in a mansion, you better believe we would've picked up a couple to take home. :) Could you imagine if someone actually carved one of these? They'd have to put a 3-wick candle inside just to light it up! I think we'll pass on these babies for now and look for something a bit more understated....

Evelyn enjoyed trying to lift every single pumpkin she came in contact with.

Unfortunately, the picture of her lifting this one over her head got deleted from our camera. Shucks!

Distract her with hay, and we're on our way! Time to head out to the pumpkin patch for Evelyn's first real pumpkin picking experience. 

There's nothing better than loading up on a tractor-pulled wagon and hitting the bumpy trails! City folk may not understand...but if this pregnant lady is willing to do it, you know it must be worth it, right? Or maybe I'm just crazy and will do just about anything for the sake of keeping the family traditions alive and well! 

Evelyn was wonderful. She sat like a big girl the entire time. Sometimes I think she knows when to humor her mother. :)

And FINALLY... we have arrived! 

Our family snuck away to the far corner of the patch where no one else was hunting, and we were able to put Evelyn down to let her wade her way through the field of orange "apples" freely. Of course, she's only been doing the whole walking thing for a few months, so the bumpy terrain could get a little frustrating... for me. I felt so bad that she kept toppling over, but she never once complained. Evie just did her normal thing and strutted around like she owned the place, and when need be she just plopped right down wherever she pleased! 

Later on I would feel terrible when several tiny scratches appeared all over her legs. :(  I really wanted her to wear jeans, but it was just so darn warm. Evelyn never seems to fuss about things like that, though. It's usually only later when I see weird bumps or marks on her that I realize...uh...your kid was getting hurt and you had no idea. Oh, my little trooper. I just love her. 

So after lots of toddling around amongst the pumpkins...and the only person near us swiping the original pumpkin we had our eye on, haha...we found it! THE Robert Family pumpkin. Evelyn tested, mother approved. 

Isn't she a beauty? The pumpkin isn't bad, either. :)

We loaded our seedy treasure onto the wagon and took another short ride back to the main farm. The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out the sights. We were there a bit later than everyone else, so the property was fairly quiet by the time we got back. The rides had just stopped running, and the various farm animals were slowly starting to mosey into their homes for the night. But you know what? It was fantastic. It felt like we had the place almost to ourselves. Here are a few of the memories that we captured.

Then and now. It's much harder to keep her pinned down these days!

Well, I have to say that this day did not disappoint. Here's to another family Eckert's trip for the record books! I just can't believe that this time next year we'll have another daughter along with us. And she'll be nearly or already a year old by then. Crazy! Yep, this was probably our last family outing as a trio, but I was too busy having fun to realize that while it was actually happening. 

Now as I sift through these photos I can't help but feel that these early days will be fleeting in our memories. Soon it will be hard to remember what life was like before adding another member to our family. It makes me excited for the future, but a little sad that we're leaving this era of our family life behind. It certainly didn't last very long! I'm glad for the moments we were able to share with Evelyn, and now our hearts are open to welcome Gracie into our lives. 

There's lots of love waiting for you, Gracie girl. Come any time you please!


Kim said...

OK girl, you did it to me again. I sit here with tears streaming down my face and memories dancing through my mind. From a mom with two super daughters....You're gonna love it!

Helen said...

Loved it. You have a real zest for life and we enjoy the results.


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