Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Baby Evolution

I sometimes find myself staring at Gracie, trying to ingrain every inch of her itty bitty newborn body into my memory. Every little wrinkle and crinkle and fold of her tiny hands and forehead...I know that I have weeks, literally weeks, before those wrinkles are filled in with plump little fat rolls, and those tiny birdie-eyed features of her face will be replaced with twinkling eyes and dimples. Right now she's so small and helpless, and she depends on someone else to decide when and where she gets from point A to point B. Stand still time, please, stand still!

All of this staring and mind engraving has caused me to scroll through pictures of Evelyn as we experienced her first year of life. I am in NO HURRY whatsoever for Gracie to get an inch longer or a pound heavier any time soon, but it's still fun to see about how big she'll be during certain points over the next year. So today, we're taking a look at the evolution of a baby over the course of their first year. Thanks to Evelyn for being our guinea pig. Get used to it girlfriend, you're the firstborn. :)

One Week
Oh, dear. First of all, this is practically the same face I'm staring at right now resting in my arms. I still can't get over how much my girls look alike. But what I'm really noticing is that by a week old Evelyn's wrinkles were already fading. Noooo...! :) She was just a flimsy little noodle here, but oh so cute and cuddly. Gracie will be a week old on Tuesday. 

One Month
Here's Evelyn at exactly one month old, and I believe we have officially reached "chunk." It did not take Evelyn long at all to pack on the baby pounds (she was in the 95% percentile for height and weight her first few months) and I have a feeling that Gracie will be just the same. I would know, I see and experience just how much these kids eat each day! Gracie will look something like this the week of Thanksgiving this year. 

Two Months 
I know you can't really tell here, but Evelyn definitely has a DOUBLE CHIN, bwahaha. And clearly, she is a smiley expressive baby. Still not mobile, but oh my gosh, so BIG already. Grace will be this size the week of Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!

Three Months
Evelyn was a busy bumbo sitter by three months! No hint of a newborn left, she was a full blown baby's baby with perfect head control, and check out those chubby wiggly piggies! Gracie will be this size about mid-January... around the time that I'll surely be going stir-crazy and ready for spring already! 

Four Months
Continuing to grow; I remember that by this time I was really enjoying Evelyn for her little budding personality. I have always said that as my baby grew every new stage was my favorite! Grace will be four months just after Valentine's Day.

Five Months
Wow, I can't believe how much Evelyn was filling out her pumpkin seat already! It's hard to believe how much they grow in just five short months. I think Evie had reached her chubby peak by now, and would soon be mobile enough to start working off those fat rolls. :) This will be Gracie in March!

Six Months
Sitting propped up with just a little help. I can clearly remember this fun time, because I know by now Evelyn was definitely playing with her toys and becoming super social! We'll have another sixth month old around Easter next year!

Seven Months
Don't let the Bumbo seat fool you, Evelyn was sitting up all on her own by now! I'm pretty sure I had to pry her out of this chair after this shot. It's really hard for me to believe that this picture was taken right around the time little Gracie girl was coming on the scene, but we wouldn't know it just yet. May flowers will be blooming when Gracie is seven months old. 

Eight Months
It would be about two weeks after this picture was taken that we would discover our little Gracie surprise! Evelyn was busy scooting around the floor to move around by now. Our late bloomer hadn't even cut a single tooth yet...but she was getting so big! Gracie will be almost eight months old as Evelyn is celebrating her 2nd birthday next June.

Nine Months
When we reached the nine month marker I remember being amazed (once again) at how much Evelyn had grown. She had now been with us for as long as I had carried her in my tummy - crazy! And anything she could get her hands on went straight into her mouth...including tasty sidewalk chalk. We'll be swimming and eating popsicles in mid-July when Gracie reaches nine months!

Ten Months
Look at those CHEEKS! Haha. By ten months I'm pretty sure we began referring to Evie less and less as our baby, and more as our "big girl." She was an old pro at drinking from a sippy cup, and our child had finally decided that it was cool to crawl. Still no teeth! I wonder if Grace will still be toothless next August when she turns 10 months. 

11 months
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a stander! Evelyn was still hesitant to take those first steps, but she was busy crawling, pulling up, and standing just about anywhere. And this all seemed to happen overnight. Now I really felt like my baby was growing up! Grace will be baking apple pies with mommy next September when she reaches this stage. 

12 Months
Just call Evie our little entertainer! By 12 months old Evelyn had definitely established her own spunky personality. Though she wasn't quite walking when this picture was taken, by the end of her 12th month Evelyn was teetering around the house and getting into everything! My mind cannot even wrap itself around next October when we'll be celebrating Grace's 1st birthday. 

Can you believe it? From this to this in only 365 days:


Any parent can tell you that it all goes by way too fast. I think this is especially true of a baby's first year. There is just so much growing and learning taking place that each month is like a new little adventure all unto itself. Seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Evelyn's first birthday ( was only four months ago!), but I can't believe we're starting this journey all over again with another one! 

There are some things I look back on and cringe the sleepless nights, issues with going anywhere public and not causing a scene, and feeling home bound by exclusive nursing, for example...and I wonder if those things will be an issue this time around. But there are so many more things to smile about, and I just can't wait. 

Being a parent is so so so rewarding, I can't express it enough. Even nights like tonight, when I had a huge headache and Evelyn was driving me batty with her hyperactive crazy kicking legs flailing around her little sister, I can look back on and smile. Someday Evie's hyperactive crazy kicking legs will be too busy walking around with friends to hang out with mom and dad on a Saturday night. So for now, I'm just busy soaking it all in. Every little wrinkle. Every little crazy kick. 


joyce said...

A beautiful trip down memory lane, time sure does fly. I remember when I could hold you in my arms, now you are holding your own babies in your arms, yes my dear, hold on tight to those memories, they are joyful, but pass by much to fast. I am so very proud of the beautiful mother you have become. Your babies are so very blessed to have you!!

Kim said...

I don't think there will ever be a time that I read your blog and NOT cry. But I am a crier by nature so it's not your Beautiful memory walk. I hope you will always have time to blog. I so enjoy it. May God continue to bless your sweet family.

Kim Luke said...

this post made me very emotional. its so hard to believe how fast they grow! I hope this next year slows down a little bit!

And I agree, your daughters are identical!!


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