Monday, October 11, 2010

Behind the Scenes at Family Photo Day!

Anyone would be proud to show you their perfectly positioned, wonderfully lit, and meticulously edited family photographs. These are the pictures that we send off to be printed. We frame them and make them into wall art or place them on the mantle or a side table in our homes. They become conversation peices, and guests often ask, "Ooh, who took these?" But the truth is, it usually takes a lot of no-goes to get to the good stuff! And sometimes, the best "stuff" doesn't show up in our perfectly positioned, wonderfully lit, and meticulously edited photos. :)

We had a great family photo day! Thanks to our friends the Ingles and the Stellhorns for coming out and joining us! And a big thanks to my little sis Shannon for taking our family photographs. You're a lifesaver! (Shannon has informed me that she does not, in fact, read this blog. But that's okay. I love you, anyway, sister.)

While I haven't sought the permission to use our friends' posed pictures, we caught lots of candids throughout the day that I hope they don't mind my sharing! I'm sure if you are friends of theirs you'll be seeing their "good" pictures soon enough. :) They may not have even seen these yet. So, you're getting a peek at some pretty exclusive stuff here, people. (And I'll remind any newcomers that you can make the pictures larger by clicking on them!)

I'll start you off with a little montage I like to call, "Pregnant Lady Attempts to Climb Park Bench." 

Tada! Thank you, thank you! Now that is definitely not the kind of series you ordinarily see displayed on a wall, haha.

So let me just be honest with you about how the Robert family photo session went. Our child did not think it was cool to sit for a photograph. It was much more entertaining for her to run around like crazy and dart away in the opposite direction any time the camera lens was focused on our family. So we got a lot of this:

And this:
 And a heckuva lotta this:

We decided at once that as soon as we were satisfied with snapping maybe five good shots out of a couple hundred that we should call for some backup assistance! There was no way we could take pictures of our friends with our little runaway on our hands. This next picture cracks me up, because I always pick on Eric for being on his phone. But in this case, I encouraged it! 
"Mayday, mayday, call mom and dad!"... haha. 

We did manage to get a few good pictures in, so I'll share just one of my favorites of the day. Yes, Evelyn's hands are planted right on top of Eric's head, but she's smiling that cute little mischievous smile that I love so much, which is usually pretty hard to capture on camera! 

As Evie was leaving, the Ingles showed up for their session. Now, I know it's going to seem like I'm picking on Zach here...but Andrea just never seems to get caught doing anything weird, haha. Not that Zach is weird! But I think in every single iPhoto album we have of friends on our computer, there is definitely a picture of Zach doing this:

I can almost here him saying, "Come on!" Or something like that. :) 

Here's their cute little family gearing up for their pictures. A snoozing baby Jay, and well, there's Zach, again! Andrea has chosen to keep her identity secret. Just kidding, haha. 

And in all fairness to Zach, there are some AWESOME pictures of him and baby Jay taken just minutes after this one, joined soon by some equally AWESOME pictures with mommy, too. (Some of my favorites, you guys!) But they get to show you those! :)

Oh, I just can't help myself. Here's a little photo I like to call "Man Attempts to Climb on Bridge With Sleeping Baby."

Looks like I'm not the only one who had to do some creative maneuvering! 

I am glad to say that Jay was a very cooperative baby and the Ingles got lots of good pictures. (Ask Andrea to see Jay on the stump!) And as the Ingles family photo session was wrapping up, the Stellhorns arrived on the scene. See? Here they are pulling up in the background as Zach and Andrea perform a new form of child torture for the camera. Kidding, again! Oh, I'm such a character. But really, check it out:

And of course, when friends get together, friends do what friends do...mingle! 

Girls will be girls....
 And guys will be guys....

I promise that Eric is a guy, too, but he was also the man behind the camera. :) (Thanks, babe!)

The Stellhorns are always so funny to photograph. It's seriously hilarious. When you have three kids you just never know what's going to happen, I guess! Their "candid" shots are usually more like "bloopers," haha. And since I didn't get a chance to ask their permission yet, I'll just show you one teeny tiny "blooper" of the day. (I hope you don't mind, Sarah!) 

You can ALWAYS count on Jacob to add a bit of "color" to any Stellhorn family photograph:

Bahahaha....this one gets me every time!

Oh, look, the Stellhorns like to torture their children, too!

And upon my recommendation, Sarah, I think this one should be your audition picture for the next Herbal Essences commercial, hehe. Our friends are sickeningly photogenic even when they're not trying to be.

I really, really wish I could show you more. I think our second annual Family Photo Day was a huge success! So many great pictures and a lot of great memories! We're loving this idea so much that we're thinking of doing it again in the Spring! 

A BIG, HUMONGOUS, THANK YOU to this stud in the picture here:

Thank you Eric for taking so many wonderful pictures today! Photography should be a legitimate hobby for you. :) You're amazing, and I love you!

And thanks again to my sister, Shannon!
Another amateur photographer who took time out of her Sunday to help us out! Oh my, my little sister isn't so little anymore! And she totally didn't mean to dress to match our family. Guess we were just doing the telepathic sister thing! 

Thank you all so much for checking out our "behind the scenes" look at family photo day! And here's a reminder to never be afraid to snap that camera when no one is looking. :) There are stories to be told in the unposed, everyday things. Maybe we should start framing our candids and our bloopers instead of the "good" pictures. Would you not get a kick out of walking into someone's home and seeing a wall full of this?

I think I could be friends with people like that. :)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! that looks like it was so much fun! I miss you so much Adrien, I can't wait until we live closer together. (cross your fingers it might be soon!!) you should see some of the candids of my wedding, those are funny! but, thats what happens when you use your siblings in your wedding party. Abbey poses everytime something that looks like a camera comes out, so it's actually really hard to get a candid shot of her!

Adrien said...

What?? Where do you think you might be moving? You're lucky to have a kid that poses for the camera! I usually have to sneak up on Evelyn, because once she realizes there's a camera pointed at her, she'd rather play with it then pose for it. :)


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