Friday, October 1, 2010

Confession Friday! 10-1

Sorry to pick on you two weeks in a row, darling, but this one's in honor of our upcoming trip this weekend. :)

It's October! Bring on the pumpkins, bonfires, and hayrides! And let the confessing commence! 

I confess that I totally princessed out this week because Old Navy is having a sweater sale and I haven't gotten a single piece of new clothing since MAY. I know we're on a budget, but I just felt like I needed a new sweater. :) I bugged Eric about it all week. And oh, how I love my new cozy "Night Orchid" purple cardigan. Mmm....

I confess that I used to get a little embarrassed when I whipped out my envelopes to pay for something in the store, but tonight when the guy checked us out he said, "It's not everyday that you see someone paying with cash out of a big yellow envelope," and I PROUDLY replied, "Yep. We're on the envelope system while we're paying off debt." I think I confused him a bit, haha, but I definitely walked out of the store with a bounce in my step! This same young guy had just commented seconds earlier that I looked like I could "go" at anytime...this pregnant lady thought it was funny, but someone should probably warn him that not all expectant mothers would take so kindly to those words!

I confess that we still have yet to organize our bedroom and we've been living here since June. This is the last thing I've been putting off before Gracie gets here, and I have nightmares about her coming before the job is done. Seriously, I don't even know where we would fit a bassinet in here!

I confess that we've been stopping at Sonic the Cardinals hit a home run, because they have $1 Sonic Blasts.

I confess that if our crappy internet service goes out one more time in the middle of typing one of my blogposts, this normally passive-agressive non-confrontational girl is going to make a really not so nice phone call. So there.

I confess that I am SUPER PROUD of my husband for getting the ball rolling on his Master's Degree...woot!...yet I'm super dreading the fact that he actually has to attend classes to make that happen, haha. I don't care if it's one night a week, I need my man around!

I confess that my nurse asked me if I wanted the highly recommended flu shot at my appointment this week, and I came thisclose to saying I was planning to get it elsewhere because I just didn't feel like getting poked with a needle at that moment. I got the shot. And now I feel superior and judgmental of anyone who doesn't get their flu shot this year, because look at me...Miss Responsible...already got her flu shot...and I went so out of my way to get it. :D

I confess that as I'm typing this, it feels like Gracie is punching her way out of my uterus, and I'm waiting  for my water to break at any second. Haha. A little too much information, maybe?


Cassie said...

omg where are the confessions?!!? come on people!! alright alright, i will confess that i have been to your blog three times already today telling myself that i'm not going to leave a comment until someone else does because i feel like a total creepo and i feel like you think omg this girl comments on everything and so i didn't want to be the first person to comment and well look, now i am, i just had to give in, woah, i think i typed/said that all in one breath. lol. ok, so there's my confession. :S

Adrien said...

Bahahaha...I don't think you're a creepo at all! You save me from looking like an idiot every week!


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