Friday, October 15, 2010

Confession Friday 10-15!

Eric's favorite game: Press the shutter button on the camera and watch Adrien make a fool of herself.

I confess that Eric started his diet this week, and all I've been able to think about is how much I want a pumpkin pie blizzard from Dairy Queen. I definitely have plans to sneak away with my girl while Daddy isn't looking to get one of these tasty treats. Hide the evidence! (Sorry, honey!) :)  <-- I'm coming back to confess that ever since I typed this confession I've been craving ice cream. My family is soundly snoozing and I just polished off an ice cream cone in bed. Hehehe....

I confess that if we get induced on Tuesday, we're going to Denny's for a HUGE breakfast on the way. :D And...I already know what I'm going to order.

I confess that I REALLY started noticing weight gain in my hips and face this week...and I'm pretty sure that blizzards and trips to Denny's are not going to help my cause.

I confess that I'm obviously failing miserably at teaching my daughter spatial relationships. Sorry, Ev, you do not fit into the remote control basket.

I confess that I wear the same pair of maternity jeans like, every single day. I'm lucky if they make it to the wash once a week. And I don't even care.

I confess that I started to doze on the couch yesterday while Evelyn was busy figuring out how to climb on the kitchen chairs. When I came to, she was walking a tightrope on the kitchen table. Whoops! I guess we now need to make sure the chairs are pushed in at all times. Geez.

I confess that Evie had a bit of an accident this week involving runny poo and her rocking horse. Haha. She thought it was very funny when I wiped her horsey's bottom with baby wipes.

I confess that I was too lazy to get up off of the couch and hand Evelyn a grape from our snack bowl I tossed one to her across the room. Now guess what she thinks we do with grapes?

I confess that I watched "Glee" this week for the first time, and I wasn't impressed. Someone tell me it wasn't one of the better episodes, or I'm losing hope in humanity. (This type of show should be tailor-made for me. I love musicals...singing and dancing. But "Glee," um, notsomuch.)

I confess that I want my BODY BACK... but I won't be normal for close to two months after giving birth. THAT is the part I dread the most. Forget about a few hours of labor and delivery. Nobody ever talks about the recovery...ugh. Oh, and I'm planning to nurse the whole having my body back thing...yeah, not going to happen for at least another year. Double ugh! I haven't been free from a child since my wedding day! I love being a mom, I really do. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Meagan said...

Your confessions crack me up!! I've dozed off on the couch before too and have woken up to find Keegan doing only God knows what & he usually has to bring me his packet of fruit snacks so I can open them because I'm too lazy to get off the couch & go to him!

Cassie said...

I totally agree with you abot Glee. I LOVE going to the Muny and Fox to see musicals, but Glee, I just do-not-dig.
Don't worry about the jeans I'm not even prego and I still do it. lol.
And yes NO ONE talks about the recovery, seriously, it's the biggest surprise of your whole pregnancy. I remember when we were still at the hospital and I went to the bathroom for the first time, I swear like 15 minutes late I came out, my husbad was like, what took you so long, all I said, is, you don't wana know. lol.

Alright, so my onfession is so embarrassing! Stella got a new dress for my grandparents anniversary party. I was to lazy to wash it so I just took the tags off and but it on her. Later that evening we were playing and I was tickeling her belly, I noticed a bunch of extra fabric around her stomach area. I lifted up her dress and noticed the bloomers were still attached by the little plastic things. Haha, it didn't even dawn on my, why does this dress not have bloomers. Wow. So I quickly torn them off and put them on her where they belong. Ha.

Cassie said...

P.S. Wow, sorry for all of the typos. Geezz...

Christine Pettijohn said...

I confess that this week I went to roll Wyatts pants at the bottom and he did not like it. He walked into our bathroom while I was brushing my teeth and said mom stick it. How do you not laugh at that. He handed me his pants and said looks girly so needless to say we found new pants for him to wear. Those funny moments are so hard to keep a stright face sometimes to correct them so I just had to laugh. Bad mom I know.

Ashley N. said...

OK--nothing good from me.....but I confess that friday is probably my favorite day to read your blog! I laugh thinking about how much I do those things while watching my cousins' kinds.....hmm, womder what kind of mom I'll be! LOL

Kim said...

OK, I confess that I am already thinking how much I will miss "confession Friday blog" next week since Gracie will be newly home and I'm sure your time will be extra-specially consumed.
A note to Cassie - I sent Liz to church one time during the "potty training" months with NO panties on at don't feel bad. At least Stella's bottom was covered and the bloomers were "attached"
As far as Glee - yes even this old girl got hooked the first season. I did enjoy it, BUT it's gotten pretty "worldly" as far as I'm concerned. Their voices are amazing but the "subject matter" is just more of the sinful stuff that most sitcoms are made up of these days.
I confess that anyone who gets her weight down into couble digits after a baby doesn't need to worry about getting her body back. You will do amazingly well I am sure.

Kim said...

*couble = double


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