Friday, October 29, 2010

Confession Friday 10-29!

Evelyn looking at the "pretty lights." Only after we got the camera out did we realize how strange it was to be taking pictures when the renters next door thought their house was on fire. Uh, whoops! We very quickly put the camera away! (And there was no fire; don't worry...haha.)

We've made it! We have arrived at another Friday. I love Fridays! I hope you have a good one, and if not, maybe one of these will make you feel better about yourself. 

I confess that while I realize this qualifies me about as mature as a 12 year old schoolboy, THIS underwear label makes me giggle every time I see it. I had to take a picture before I tossed it in the garbage. A money back guarantee if you get a wedgie?? And I'm loving that this company actually used the word "wedgie" in their marketing. Whose idea was that? I'd like to meet them.

I confess that I JUST ran my fingers through my hair and felt several crunchy, stiff strands. Grace must have spit up without my knowing at some point today. Yummy. The joys of being a mother!

I confess that I HATE cold weather, and I felt personally offended when I walked outside in shorts to get something out of the car last night and about froze my tushy off.  I'm not joking; I don't think I'll leave the house until sometime in late March.

I confess that I honestly have been forgetting to take a shower every day. I just have so much else going on that I only realize I stink when it's time for bed. I will not turn into a slob, I will not turn into a slob....

I confess that my post-pregnant belly looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid face right now. Seriously, I crack myself up every time I look down. My bellybutton sticks out between two round blobs of fat that look just like the cheeks and nose of this popular doll. I'd take a picture to prove it to you...but, no. :)

I confess that I'm always griping at Evie to stop scratching me with her fingernails...but who is the one responsible for trimming her nails? Hehe. I HATE using the clippers! I'm so paranoid that I'm going to make my baby bleed. 

I confess that I purposely look up articles on why tanning is bad for you when I get the urge to hit the beds...but now that I'm not pregnant, BOY am I getting the itch to start tanning again. If nothing else, it's fifteen minutes of peace and quiet to myself every other day, haha, and oh how I miss that. A little bit of tanning won't hurt, right? Right? *Sigh* 

A confession from Gracie:

"I confess that I pooped no less than TEN time yesterday, and my mommy changed every single diaper. I vow to be more strategic next time and fill my diaper when only daddy's around."


Cassie said...

As always, cracks me up!
I feel ya with the hair. Just Saturday I was like 95% ready to leave the house to go to my husband's class reunion. I was holding Stella and th next thing I know she had some "slobber" on her face, oh no, no slobber, puke, and she only managed to get a little on her face, the rest was IN MY HAIR. But we were leaving soon and well, I just wiped it out and went out that night. And yes, it quickly became crusty and you could smell it a bit, but oh

Meagan said...

Love the comparison you used about your stomach looking like a cabbage patch doll....that is hilarious and you are oh so brave to actually admit it!!

I confess that last night when I went to take my contacts out there wasn't one in my right eye, which explains why I wouldn't see very well! I have no idea what happened to it...for all I know it could be jammed in my eye somewhere and have two in there today! lol

Anonymous said...

I confess that no matter how hard I have tried the past year (and I have tried, hard!!) my family genes will not let me lose the baby weight and my tummy still looks a little like a cabbage patch kid! I confess my kid kept banging her head against the wall and laughing ( I think she thought the noise was funny) and by the time I got her to stop she was realizing it hurt and was starting to form a goose egg, and her grandparents are flying in for a visit tomorrow!


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