Friday, October 8, 2010

Confession Friday! 10-8 little butterball. I'm not sure if this look is inquisitive, goofy, or gassy. Feel free to insert your own caption here. :)

Oh dear me, what a week it's been! I gotta say, I'm loving these Confession Fridays. Probably my easiest post of the week! Okay, so definitely my easiest post of the week. And though I've considered discontinuing Confession Fridays altogether out of lack of interest, I don't even care anymore because I get a little break, haha. So here are my confessions!

I confess that I had to look at an online calendar to be sure of what the date is for this blog post, haha. Pretty sad when you don't know what stinkin day it is!

I confess that my daughter and I are rarely dressed until around 5pm on the weekdays (usually when I'm finally able to get a shower in!)...just in time to start making dinner and wait until daddy gets home. So if you randomly stop by the house and no one answers, it's either because a) I'm putting Evie down for a nap, or b) I'm in my underwear and probably scrambling to find something to wear, and by the time I get to the door you're gone. Can you tell this has happened to me more than once?  :D

I confess that I'm already dreading the start of nursing full-time again. I'm definitely not the friend who talks all of her other friends into breastfeeding, because I know how difficult it is. I don't regret it with Evelyn, in fact I'm quite proud of myself, but it's a chore to not be able to be separated from your baby for more than a few hours. Ugh. (Don't even get me started on pumping...this mama makes just enough for what is needed right then and not a drop more.)

This picture makes me giggle uncontrollably. I really need to stop staying up so late!

I confess that I may have trained Evelyn a little too well when it comes to throwing things that are "yucky" into the trash can. Last night I caught her chewing on one of her daddy's dirty dress socks and I said, "Ew, Ev that's a dirty sock! Spit it out!" She did, and then proceeded to toddle into the kitchen with it. I started smiling when I realized what she must be doing. And sure enough, when I opened the trash can lid, there was Eric's sock chillin' on top of our garbage!

I confess that we still don't have a set in stone plan for what to do with Evelyn when Gracie comes! We've kind of discussed things with our parents, but I just feel like we're going to wake up one night scrambling and our poor kid is going to get tossed around like a football for a few days.

I confess that I was relieved when the doctor told us we were looking pretty much the same at our last appointment. One more weekend, Gracie girl, I need just one more weekend!

I confess that Evelyn has gotten me hopelessly addicted to ICE. It all started when she insisted on eating ice from our cups any time we had a drink, and I would bite mine in half for an Evie-sized portion. Now we sit around all day munching, and I'm sure if anyone were watching us they would think we were chewing on rocks. I'm secretly looking forward to my hospital stay for the ice chip amenities. :)

I confess that there are so many other things I could confess if I knew this was a girls only blog, haha. I start to type things and then stop myself thinking, "Um, maybe that's a little too much information!" So then you get lame confessions about ice eating and forgetting what day of the week it is.


Christine Pettijohn said...

I confess that I print out all my post and put them in an envelope for Wyatt to have when he is all grown up along with the other letters I write to him. I know Im a nerd but I wanted to do something just for him that I know he will cherish when he is old enough to appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

so you should email the rest of your confessions to all die-hard female readers, like me!

ok, I confess that my daughter is hopelessly addicted to watching Sesame Street DVD's, and I like it! I know I can get something done if she's in front of the TV, the problem is that if I wait to long to turn the TV on in the morning she gets really fussy and starts pulling on my leg.
I confess I also wait until my husband gets home from work to shower, sometimes after, most of the time I'm showered with barely enough time to make it to work on time. and when I'm showered earlier it's because my kid showers with me!
I confess this is the second time typing this out, because the first time my computer freaked out.

Emily said...

I agree with Stephanie about emailing the rest of the confessions to all the female readers!!

I confess that I only read when I'm at work because Caleb and I LOVE our TV shows.

I confess that I am reading Janet Evanovich... she doesn't challenge my mind, but she is SO funny!

I confess that, Adrien, even though you are following my blog, do not expect me to post everyday or even every month. I am SO amazingly horrible at remembering to write in it and then when I do, I don't know what to say. I imagine if I posted everyday it would be something like this: Sookie played with her doggie friends today. She is unbelievably spoiled. I worked today... it was the same old, same old. The End

I confess that I like the Glee version of songs better than most of the originals... except for Gold Digger because they screwed up the words to where it no longer even makes sense.

I confess that I stalked my ex yesterday... just to laugh at how silly he looks and wonder why I ever was with him.

I confess that even though I am horrible at writing my blog, I check other peoples' blogs numerous times during the day to see if they just happened to blog twice that day.

I confess that I have been too scared to confess before now even though I read and giggle at yours... but since you are threatening to take your confessions away, I will confess! :)

Cassie said...

Looks like the threats are working!! YAY! And I'm not the first creepo to post today, whew! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I confess that I get bummed when no one comments on my posts. Oh well, I enjoy doing it and that's all that matters. Even if oly one person reads my blog, I have it to remember everything.

I confess that I fit into a six 6 dress on Saturday for an anniversary party. DUDE! I was STOKED, even if it was on the bigger side of size 6, I was on cloud freaking nine all night long!

And I confess that I can't wait till you have Grace so I can read all about it, and be a bawl bag!! hehe. YAY!

rachel said...

i confess that i have a 4 hour drive back to my hometown tomorrow for a family wedding, and i haven't even started packing yet. or ironed my dress, or even started any laundry. i'm stressed out, but having too much fun reading your "confessions" blog!!

i confess that lucas is super spoiled. he thinks my phone is his. so when it rings he runs to get it before me and when i happen to get it before him, he tries to take it from me and ends up pulling the crap out of my hair.

i confess that i've tried my hardest to do the envelope budget, but it just isn't working! i blame my husband, but i'm pretty sure it's a little bit my fault, too...but only, like, 10 percent. the rest is all rob! :)

Adrien said...

Woohoo! Great confessions today. :) I don't even know how to begin to respond, haha, so I'll just say...most of you probably really wouldn't want to know what those way too personal confessions are, I can definitely relate to some of YOUR confessions, and if you have a blog I read every single one! Sometimes I'm in a hurry and mean to come back to comment but forget to. But believe me, I read them!


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