Monday, October 18, 2010

Evelyn's Top Ten :D

A walk down memory lane.

Well, this is it! It's Evelyn's last day as an only child. Tomorrow Evie graduates to big sisterhood. By now you know that I'm struggling a bit with this issue. I have a heart big enough for both of my daughters, but my traditional, memory-oriented, mushy gushy, emotional personality (thanks, mom) keeps pulling me back to walk down that old memory lane. Sixteen months. Evelyn had sixteen months to get to know mommy and daddy on her own. Gracie will never get such a privilege. But Evelyn is so young that she will probably have no memories of being an only child. As far as she's concerned, it won't take long for her to just believe that Grace was here all along!

I've decided to mark this day by sharing my favorite top ten moments of Evie's life so far. Memories we've made, traditions we've kept, first time experiences...well, you'll see!

10. "Mommy's Little Helper"
Just before her first birthday, Evelyn became very interested in helping mommy around the house. Her favorite thing to do is to help sweep the kitchen floor, but she's also known to pick up a random rag or paper towel and start wiping the nearest surface. I have a feeling this won't last her entire life, so I'm treasuring it while I can. :) It's one of my favorite memories with her, because it was one of the first things she did all on her own to show me that she was watching what I did and wanted to be like mommy!

9. "Evelyn's First Swim!"
Our family traveled Arizona at the end of May this year. It was rainy and cool back home, but it was already HOT out West! And even though the pool at our house was really cold when we first arrived, Evelyn took to the water like her favorite quacking animal. It was so much fun watching her enjoy herself, and we were in that pool almost every single day. I'm already looking forward to pool time next year!

8. "Solid Food!"
Hallelujah! It was a glorious day when Evelyn was able to expand her palette to include solid food. I exclusively breastfed Evelyn, and as she got bigger, so did her appetite! She refused to eat baby food, but she was always interested in whatever was on mommy and daddy's plate. This was one milestone that I was ecstatic to reach.

7. "Our First Routine"
I was a typical first time mommy and I was afraid of screwing something up, haha. I think I probably took every parenting class and read every resource I could on raising kids since high school, and I always knew that I wanted to establish a schedule for my babies to make them feel comfortable. So...everyday, starting at about 2 1/2 months old we started our very first routine together. I would put Evie on her back to play, then we would sing songs, then it was tummy time, then story time, and finally I would end our little "session" each day by playing her musical carousel horse. I just made up the idea in my own head that having a musical cue to end our time every day would help her to unwind and realize that our playtime was over. Don't ask! It was only a year ago and I already make myself giggle. :D

6. "Family Snuggles"
Any time our family gets a chance to spend a lazy morning in bed or take a nap together for an afternoon it is pure bliss. We really enjoy the simple things, and we certainly don't need a lot of frills. I often think that while going to the zoo and taking Evie out is fun for us, sometimes she just needs time to connect with us in simple ways. I want her to feel that we love her. I know I feel the love when we get family snuggle time!

5. "First Pumpkin Picking Trip"
Are you absolutely sick of reading about pumpkins, yet?? Haha. Well, I have to include this one, because it's so true! This was one of the first real traditions Eric and I created for our family, and I was so excited to take Evelyn for her first time. It's definitely a highlight for our family memory book. (We don't actually have a family memory book. But it's a nice sentiment, don't you think?)

4. "First Holidays!"
Valentine's Day

How could I choose just one? I love holidays, and I loved sharing them with my baby girl this past year. We are very blessed to have family on both sides to share these days with, and each day holds special memories for our family.

3. "Evelyn's First Birthday"
I absolutely loved planning this day FOR Evelyn, but my favorite memory of the day?
Singing "Happy Birthday." Even I was surprised by how thrilled Evelyn was to have everyone singing to her. She was all smiles the entire time, and it melted my heart. It was seriously sweeter than the pink frosting on her cake. I'll never forget it!

2. "Our First Moments"
Holding my baby girl for the first time. *Sigh* There's nothing like it. It's beautiful, and emotional...and a little awkward, to tell the truth. In the moment it's all so surreal. But it was so great to finally meet my first child. I dreamed about this day just as much as I dreamed about my wedding day. I couldn't believe it was actually happening! You may be surprised that this isn't my number ONE memory. I kind of was, too. But there is one thing that I treasure so much, it had to top the list.

1. "Family Walks"
This is by far our favorite family activity. We were so worried that we would never be able to take our walks again when we discovered last Fall that Evelyn couldn't make it more than a few blocks without fussing. But once Spring came around, she became a trooper! Our walks can easily take up to two hours, and we walk anywhere from five to six miles each evening. It is fantastic family time. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Some of my favorite memories will always be taking these strolls together, and that is why "Family Walks" tops the list!

This is definitely not an exhaustive list! There were other moments that were contenders, too. But...I don't have all night to share, haha. Come over for some lemonade sometime and we'll chat about those. :) As for today, I plan to get our house as Gracie ready as possible. Memories are great, but now it's time to prepare for the future. And our future is coming very soon! Don't forget to check back frequently tomorrow as we keep you up to date on our induction. Eeek! Is this really happening? 

Alright, I need to get back in bed for some of those famous family snuggles. (Yes, Evelyn is STILL in our bed. Don't ask how this is going to work out in a few days when Gracie is here. I have no idea myself. But it might make for some interesting stories, haha.)

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This on hadme tearing up Adrien! This is one of the many best ones you do! Good luck tommorow and we will be praying for you guys.


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