Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greetings From the Maternity Ward

What a day! I'd like everyone to know that I have officially read every comment, seen all of your blogs, and received every message that has been sent to me today, and I have treasured them all! Thank you all so much for checking in with us throughout our day. And thanks to Eric for filling in for me for most of the duration. I had more wires sticking out and needles sticking in me than I knew what to do with, so typing became a bit of a challenge after a while, haha.

I will be writing Gracie's entire official birth story soon, but until then I'll just let you know that if all deliveries could be so easy, we'd have an even larger human population, I'm sure. It was a wonderful experience, and I KNOW that so many of your prayers being sent up definitely helped us out today.

I'll briefly let you know that my predictions of Evelyn's reaction to her baby sister were just about spot on. :) Though, she did show a smidgeon of interest for about thirty seconds, which is thirty seconds more than I expected. And as many of you have already noticed, Gracie is her sisters CLONE. I mean, for real. They look the same, they cry the same, they make the same expressions...they even eat the same! The only major differences I can tell are their toes and ears, haha. We'll see how they differ as Gracie gets a bit older, but for now, even I can't tell some of their newborn pictures apart.

I'm sure tomorrow we'll have lots of downtime, and we may even have our in-room photo shoot with the same company that did Evie's birth pictures. I am hoping and praying that Grace cooperates better than her big sister did so we can get as many shots as possible! And Eric and I are cooking up a little something to share with you all that we may work on a bit if we have the we'll see when that happens. :)

Gracie is now in the nursery for the evening until her next feeding, and Eric is getting some rest. I think that's my cue to get some sleep, too!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...we have so many darn pictures that it makes my head spin! I'm sure we'll be sharing many of them with you soon. The nurses said that they had never heard a camera that clicked so fast...hehe.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning hope both of you got some rest thru the night. Enjoy your day and hopefully get some rest today.

Love Ya
Grandpa Robert

Anonymous said...

congrats eric and adrien you guys brought another beautiful baby into this world and yes she looks so much like evie love you guys cant wait to see her.... love, aunt brenda and cousin pam

Emily said...

ADORABLE!! Congrats guys!!

(What kind of camera do you have?)


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