Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Late Show

Dooby dooby doo. Oh! Why hello there. It's me. Just sitting in bed. Eating a powdered doughnut. Yes, it has come to this. Eric is on a diet, and I can no longer eat junk food in front of him. So I'll eat it right beside him as he sleeps. :) Seriously, Grace, we need to end this thing or your mama is going to need to be rolled into the hospital like a blown up blueberry. Mmm...blueberries.

Me. In bed, in my nightly blogging position. Post doughnut.

So I did learn something interesting tonight. Our daughter's name will not be "Gracie Violet" on her birth certificate. Apparently I was wrong all along. I was under the impression that Eric, who chose the name, really wanted our second daughter's official name to be Gracie. But, no. Not true. Her name is Grace Violet, though we'll probably call her Gracie most of the time, anyway. Until she gets too old and says, "Mooom...stop calling me that. My name is Grace!" Or maybe by then it'll be cool to have some weird, off the wall shortened version of names and she'll want to be called "Gray" or "Ace." Oh my gosh, can you tell that I have NOTHING to blog about today? Bahaha.

And do you know why I have nothing to blog about? Because I'm supposed to be holding a pink bundle of joy in my arms right now. I wasn't prepared for this down time. I almost expected it, what with my first experience with Evelyn, but when your doctor tells you that you won't even make it to your 40 week appointment and then it comes and goes...well...what the heck am I supposed to be thinking?

I honestly think, for real, that my body just doesn't know how to get it's labor mojo going. I could be nine centimeters dilated and 100% effaced and my uterus would still be twiddling it's thumbs and whistling through my belly button as if it had no clue whatsoever that...HELLO, IT'S TIME! I just need a little kick start, that's all. A little bit of "juice" to get things started.

I asked Eric if he thought anyone would notice if there was just mysteriously no post here today. He thought you might notice. And well, I wouldn't want anyone to get confused and think that it was actually Friday, or something. Though, I don't think some of you would mind if it were Friday every day. I'm a stay at home mom, so the days of the week make no difference to me. Woohoo, let it be Friday!  *I apologize for subjecting you to my late night ramblings. You can blame it on Eric. This is all his fault. I would have just let it be.*

If alcohol appealed to me in any way, I have a feeling this would be about the tipping point where I'd start telling you all that I love you and begin saying some really embarrassing things that I would regret in the morning. I may wake up and regret this anyway, so I think I need to slowly back away from the computer. :D You really are awesome if you've made it this far. I love you, guys. Wait....

I totally just googled "whistling belly button." And this is EXACTLY what I meant earlier:

Have a great Saturday, everyone. :) I'm going to SLEEP!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blogs everyday. I enjoy your creative writing. God has giving you a treasured gift. Keep up the wonderful work.

Your Father-in-law


Helen Fowler said...

I am addicted to your blogs. They are so entertaining and well written. Keep it up! You are so very talented.


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