Monday, October 4, 2010

The Memories That Weren't

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. 

I am living proof that sometimes Murphy picks a target and follows them around, whacking them relentlessly with a "you suck" stick. I mean, this day went so ridiculously askew that it is almost comical. And because there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, laughing is the only thing that can save my sanity at this point.

Eckert's pumpkins...without the Robert Family. :(

If you've been following this blog from the beginning, you know how much our family looks forward to pumpkin picking every year. It's a big deal. It's an event. It's eating in the Country Restaurant and sampling funnel cakes and frozen custard. It's walking through Eckert's quaint market and finally heading out to choose a pumpkin. It's a day spent outdoors as a family, and it's absolutely wonderful. And this, this was supposed to be THE pumpkin picking weekend of the year. And I can sum it up with one appropriate word for October: BOO!! Here's a hint: it didn't happen. We were in the Eckert's parking lot, and it didn't happen. Ugh. More on that in a minute.

Sunday was also supposed to be family photo day. And THAT didn't happen, either. Thank you Arctic Canadian front for making it the windiest day of the season. We appreciate you ever so much. Thankfully we have some totally awesome, understanding friends who were cool with rescheduling in the hopes that next weekend we won't get blown away. But still. Are you kidding me? Grace, looks like you need to wait another week, girlfriend. :)

I realized when I woke up Sunday morning that we were in trouble. We overslept by an hour, causing us to miss Sunday School for the second week in a row...or was it the third? Seriously, life has been so backwards for so long that I honestly don't remember.  I spent the entire time I was getting ready worrying about the weather. We knew from looking at the forecast the day before that it was going to be cold and windy...the exact opposite conditions you want for taking outside photographs. (The sun sure was shining, though!) I prayed for a miracle, but alas, someone else's miracle must have taken precedence just then. :) And after a rushed morning of trying to just get out the door Evelyn decided to poop all over the place. Haha. Minor set back.

We did eventually get to church. And the winds continued to blow. After going back and forth and speaking to all of our friends, we decided to cancel pictures for the day. Disappointing, but okay, not the end of the world. Next Sunday's weather is *supposed* to be gorgeous! (Have I not learned my lesson yet?) And since we never got to go pumpkin picking, maybe we could make a last minute afternoon out of it!

Here's a little advice: never make a "last minute afternoon" out of one your favorite family traditions. We nearly forgot our camera and money and had to turn around when we realized we'd left our stroller behind. Anyone else seeing where this is going yet? Obviously, we didn't get the hint. We called ahead to Eckert's restaurant while we were in the car, and there was already an hour and a half wait to eat. Um, we couldn't wait that long. Or at least our 15 month old who hadn't eaten since 9:00am couldn't wait that long. YES, we've eaten in the Country Restaurant EVERY year, but beggars can't be choosers, right?

So we grabbed a grossly overpriced lunch at a glorified burger joint, and then decided, since we were already in the area, that we would swing by Target and Best Buy for a couple of items we're still needing before Gracie's arrival: a "big sister" shirt for Evie, and tapes for our digital camcorder. We've looked for both of these things, and no stores seem to have either. Knowing our luck, can you guess if we actually found our items? No. No, we did not.

Our determined family loaded back into my little Toyota and we were finally on our way to the farm. Ah, there it was, in all of it's Fall glory! And look, there's the line to the pumpkin patch! And the rides, and the goats...and over there, the country store! We started to get out of the car, and then I looked down...and our "entertainment envelope" with all of our money was gone. Missing. And I knew just where it was. In our cart. At Target. Five miles down the road.

Oh, Eric. Keeping our family spirit alive. :)

Ugh. Everybody back in! We wove our way back through Sunday traffic. Luckily, the envelope was STILL there. (So not everything turned out to be horrible!) Eric ran in to get it, and while he was gone I could hear Evie fussing in the back. She couldn't reach her pacifier which was stuck between her legs. So I unbuckled my pregnant belly and twisted to the back seat to help my girl out. And that's when I felt it. A flood. Evelyn had her second accident of the day. And she was ruined. Her onesie, her tights, her sweater dress...her car seat...everything was soaked to the gills.

Evelyn, after the great flood of 2010.

Sure, we could have gone back into the store, bought her a new outfit, and tried to salvage the day. But by that point we had already attempted to "salvage the day" so many times that we decided it just wasn't meant to be. So we changed our daughter, laid down a towel, and drove home. :(

Now here I am. Exhausted. Disappointed. So many plans and nothing to show for it. Not a single family photograph, nor a pumpkin...not even a nagging tummy ache from too much funnel cake. And Eric keeps bugging me to dance around the living room. :D If you don't know what I'm talking about, you must've missed my last post!

I realize that my last two entries have been just a tad on the whiney side, and believe me, it annoys ME more than anyone. I'm just waiting for things to turn around so I have something pleasant to share with you all, again. And I have a message for Mr. Murphy: Stay the heck away from me! Go pick on someone else for a while, ya big booby! Thanks for hanging in there with me, guys. One of these days I'll be blogging about a new baby! That should be pleasant, right? :)


Anonymous said...

the way to make yourself feel better is to know that life can always be worse, so here is a story of someone's life who is worse: when a friend of mine from work went in to find out the sex of her baby, she was told her daughter has spina bifida, so then about a month before her due date she feels her daughter isnt moving and has to go in for a emergency c-section because her fluid is so low, her daughter is air-lifted to a hospital 2.5 hours away and she has to stay in town to recover. so cheer up, life can be worse! lol, ok not trying to be totally depressing but sometimes it helps to see how you have been blessed.

Adrien said...

It's funny that you say that, because Eric and I were saying last night how even our bad days don't even compare to what some people have to deal with. We are definitely blessed!


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