Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Weird Day

Just to be fair to you all, I'm warning you that this post is long-winded and unedited, because I am pooped with a capitol POOP. 

Well folks, I had every intention of showing you a fun little project I've been working on today, but that just didn't come together. I had a weird day, and there's just no other way to put it! A day of waiting and wondering if labor was approaching. Needless to say all plans got put on hold, because I wasn't sure if I would have to pack up at any minute and hightail it to the hospital. (I really, really hope this isn't the way it's going to be from now until when Grace gets here!) 

I'm still feeling strange, but I'm pregnant, so what else is new? It all started Friday night when I basically got no sleep whatsoever. Can't put my finger on what it was. I definitely woke up with braxton hicks contractions a few times, but I don't know, I think I was just restless. I fell asleep at 2 am and then woke up around 7:30 and didn't go back to sleep. I laid in bed for a while, and when Evelyn decided to get up she laid her head on my stomach and Grace started going nuts. I mean N.U.T.S. 

It looked as if there was a person inside of my belly (duh) trying desperately to karate chop their way out. It was seriously like a cartoon watching the left and right sides of my stomach poking out in odd angles. Then for the rest of the morning, I took my many frequent late pregnancy trips to the bathroom, and to spare you all the lovely details, I just wasn't sure if everything going on in there was normal, haha. 

I felt no contractions, and after Grace's tumbling episode I felt very little movement from her. This is just peculiar in and of itself. When I say I felt no contractions I mean none. Nada. And normally I'm having a least a few braxton hicks an hour. That's when I started to wonder. Being me, I definitely googled "early labor signs" and came across a few stories of women who were in labor and didn't know it, or had their waters break and weren't aware because their babies heads were so low it blocked anything from coming out.

Um, I'm starting to get nervous, haha. I've been carrying LOOOW this pregnancy, and my mind immediately jumped to the possibility that perhaps my water DID break and I just didn't experience it like some women do. Knowing that waiting too long after your water breaks to take action can cause serious complications, I just couldn't stop the paranoia. So I called Eric.

Luckily, Eric produces a radio show on Saturday mornings for Dr. Randy Tobler, who just happens to be an OBGYN. So when they went to commercial Eric called me back and we played a little 20 questions with the doc. Dr. Tobler's recommendation was that I go in to be checked, but that I should probably call my doctor first and see what the protocol was. Long story short, I called my doctor, and in the end we decided I should wait to come in for the time being. 

The rest of the morning went by normally. I ended up falling asleep with Evelyn at nap time, and woke up just as Eric was on his way home from work. (Bless his little heart. I got him all excited to have this baby and now he's ready to go!) The only odd thing that has been bugging me off and on all afternoon and evening is this unexplained, and totally annoying, nausea. I have had a few contractions here and there, and Grace has been moving just enough to keep me from freaking out. 

Since nothing new had happened, we continued with our day and went "shopping," if that's what you want to call it, haha. We took a trip to Walmart. We had plans to go elsewhere, but we were both so tired that we scrapped the plans at the last minute and came home. We did have a nice dinner at Tequilas beforehand, so the evening wasn't totally tragic. :) Though the house that I spent the morning hurriedly picking up is now somehow trashed again. Sheesh. Seems like I'm always starting from square one! 

So I definitely had a mini-meltdown tonight before my husband fell asleep. You know, just one of those crazy hormonal I'm so ready to be done with this whole thing and I feel unexplainably weird kind of breakdowns. I'm all better now. I'm just stressing out because my house is now a mess and I have no energy to clean it, nor do I want someone else to clean my mess, haha. (I have two wonderful mothers whom I know are reading this and saying, "I can clean or watch Evie for you!") I still don't have a coming home outfit for Grace...that was one of the things on our shopping agenda tonight that just didn't happen. My bag isn't packed, and honestly I don't know how it can be, because I need to use most of the things I would be packing. 

AND...on top of everything...I fear the weather isn't going to be quite as pleasant today as the forecast predicted early on in the week. Cold and windy by the looks of it. And it's family photo day. Poop! I don't want to make everyone freeze (especially not the babies that will be out there), and if it's windy no respectable woman is going to want to pose with her hair blowing in her face. Ugh. I would reschedule, but it might be several weeks before we could do it again, and by then it may be cold every single day from here on out. I'm just praying that by some miracle the sun comes out, the winds cease, and the temperature raises about ten degrees warmer than predicted. :) 

If you've made it this far with me, then you deserve a reward! So I think I'll give you one. I came across this video a couple of weeks ago that cracked me up, and I'm sharing this couple's sentiments. After I get all of my ducks in a row, this lady will so be me! (If you just watch the first minute or so, you'll get the gist!)


Staci said...

If it makes you feel better...i'll tell on myself. When i had Jessi (i think) i had the entire house clean, every dish and article of clothing done when i went into labor. We went to the hospital and 6 hours later they sent me home. One week later, every dish and all clothes were dirty, house was a disaster and i went into REAL labor. Too bad my mother in law and grandmother in law couln't have seen it the week before when everything was ready....except the baby.

Adrien said...

Ugh, that's exactly what I'm afraid is going to happen. I have plans to wake up in the morning and clean like a maniac...knowing in the back of my mind that if Grace doesn't come within about an hour of cleaning that it won't matter anyway, haha. There are many downsides to being induced, but at least with Evelyn I knew exactly when she was coming!

Anonymous said...

yeah, those stories of water breaking without the lady knowing, those are like one in a million and there is NO WAY to confuse it with a leaky bladder, plus most women can feel it break, or even hear it break. in the mean time, enjoy the fact that your daughter will be born healthy and full-sized so you can take her home with you right away, a lot of women don't get that.

Anonymous said...

I love reading these Adrien! you bring a good sense of humor to some unglamorous pregnancy symptoms, and you put words to things that many of us have felt but cant quite describe! Keep up the good work, and I am praying for your little girls, Evie is adorable I am sure Gracie will be too!! And the video is adorable, lol, I hope I will be able to get up and waddle at 40 weeks, much less bust a move like her, God bless her! Thanks for the laughs and the encouraging words you have through your blogs, I love them, keep em' coming! ;)-Brittany Oliver


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