Saturday, October 23, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Eric has just left to take Evelyn on a walk, Grace is sleeping in her swing, and I'm couch bound for a little while. I thought this would be a good time to share with you our homecoming from the hospital. This blog seems to have temporarily turned into a diary of sorts for me, chronicling our family life. So forgive me if I start trailing off, gushing about my feelings and junk like that. :)

My sister and mom made a sign for Gracie!

It seemed as though EVERYTHING about our hospital experience was different this time around. It wasn't just the difference in labor and delivery... it was as if the nurses decided to be much more "hands off" of their normally strict regimen. With Evelyn, I was being checked on every hour or so; with Grace, it might have been half a day before one of my nurses would pop in to make sure everything was okay. It was definitely more of a "buzz if you need me" sort of mentality, and I can't help but think this was because they knew that Grace was our second baby. All of this was just as true when it came to checking out to come home.

On Thursday, October 21, I woke up and ordered my breakfast - a blueberry muffin and mixed fruit! - and thought that I would be in for a day of waiting around for last minute check-ups, last minute baby tests and car seat checks. Eric started gathering our things and I slowly got around to getting dressed and ready to go. I knew from our first experience that we would probably rush to get all ready to leave and then be sitting, waiting for hours for all of the protocol to be followed through. But luckily that wasn't the case. As soon as we gave the word, our nurse came in to go over a little paper work with me, we strapped Gracie into her car seat (which they didn't even check this time!), and I found myself being wheeled down the hall and into the elevator. We buckled ourselves in the car and were on our way.

Eric had asked me earlier that morning if I minded stopping by to visit his Grandma Zada on our way home. Of course I didn't hesitate to say that we could. Grandma Zada is an incredible woman who has reached her 95th birthday (Eric thinks that's right!), and even though she is super upbeat about life, it's getting harder for her to just pack up and leave the house on a whim. So, we went to her!

We had a simply lovely visit. I know that it meant a lot to Eric to be able to see his grandmother hold his second newborn daughter, and I'm really glad that we were able to share that special time with her.

We had a pleasant ride home after that, but I won't lie, I was dozing off the whole way. The one thing that kept snapping me back to reality was the fact that I would be getting home to my Evie and that we would all finally be a whole family again. Evelyn had been staying with my parents, and after a little time of settling in with Gracie and carrying in our bags, they brought her home to us!

After not being home for a couple of days, Evelyn seemed a little unsure as she walked through the front door. There was her mommy and daddy sitting there smiling at her, but who was this new person with them? Evie had only briefly paid attention to her sister in the hospital, and I'm sure she had no clue that this little baby would be coming to our house. Still, she made as all laugh as usual as she swiped the pacifier right out of Gracie's mouth and put it into her own. Welcome to the family, Grace. :)

Evelyn stealing her sister's pacifier...

...and then trying to give it back!

I have seriously watched my firstborn transform over the past day and a half. It makes me proud and sad all at the same time. Evelyn really did go from the "baby" to the big sister like that. She was a little extra emotional at first, which was to be expected, but she very quickly snapped back into herself - only, a much older seeming version of herself. Maybe it's just because I was away from her for a couple of days, but it seems like she's expressing herself more, picking up more easily on the words we say, and she even follows simple commands with ease. When I changed Gracie's diaper this afternoon, she played the big sister role by throwing her sissy's diaper into the trashcan for mommy. This was followed by much praise, you know... squealing and clapping, there was a parade in her honor, a couple of streets named after her....

Our little jokester. Sometimes one just isn't enough. 

Evelyn even took the initiative of trying to share one of her toys with her sister. I can already see that while this is definitely an adjustment for her, Evelyn is going to be just fine. Oh, we all knew she would be, didn't we? Why, just a little bit ago she began a chorus of "Hi, baby! Hi, baby!" while standing on tiptoe, trying to see her sister lying in her bassinet. This is a huge step up from the awkward, shifty glances she was giving Gracie the first day. :)

So I'm proud to say that the Robert family is officially home. Home in every sense of the word. It's beginning to feel normal around here again, and we're finding our happy place here together. Gracie has had her first sponge bath, Evelyn is back to laying her head on mommy's belly (even if it slips off now), and mommy and daddy are appreciating the fact that we can give each other "real hugs" again. Now that things are falling into place, I'm so looking forward to the holidays and beyond with our little family. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. It is SO GOOD to be home.


joyce said...

I am also glad you are all home, and grateful you are all well, Evelyn seems to be taking her new baby sister in stride, (Evie is pretty easy going, like her momma:) We really enjoyed having her stay with us while you were in the hospital, missed her when we took her back home, even John was asking for her, I know Grandpa had a blast with her while I was working, she gave him something to do. Any time you need a break give us a call:) And I am so happy that Gracie is easy going so far, I pray she continues to sleep good, eat well and stay healthy. Love you:)

Anonymous said...

Another great job by our familly writer. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Love Ya
Grandpa Greg


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