Saturday, November 13, 2010

Adrien Breaks the Silence :D

Ahh! Nerd alert! I finally took the plunge. Today I'm stepping out and trying my hand at video blogging. I felt a little silly, but holy moly, I could get used to blogging in under ten minutes!

I may or may not know you personally, so perhaps actually hearing from me can give some of you a bit more insight into my scatter-brain. I apologize for the low quality of the video, hehe. I was lazy and didn't use our digital camcorder for this one, so you're getting some photo booth goodness straight from the Mac. If you decide to proceed and watch, you just have to promise me one thing: no making fun of me. At least not to my face. You can snicker in the privacy of your own home if you wish. :)

In the video you'll see my latest crafty project, a sneak peek of a future blog, and get a first look at our newest family member, Moe. :) Happy watching! (And really...let's just...keep the laughter at a minimum. Okay, you can watch now!)

Eee. A little cringeworthy, I know, I'm just glad it actually worked, haha. So seriously let me know if vlogging is just not a good idea. I love writing, and I could never stop with the "regular" blogs, but video blogging might be fun to do here and there. (Please do not let my nerdiness scare you away from future blog posts!)

Thanks for watching, and have a happy Saturday! I'm off to see my brother...the wonderful brother of  Oz. Sorry, couldn't resist.


joyce said...

I thought it was very good, wondering why it was backwards? the letters on the sign, and in the book, some sort of technical glitch I guess, any way I loved it, makes it a little more personal. You always were a great stage presence:) and I am not just saying that because I am your mother. Can't wait to see future vlogging:)

Anonymous said...

I believe vlogging will add a personnel touch to your already creative site. The only issue, like your mother commented was the pictures of the book and poster are reversed so everything looks backwards. I'm sure there is a setting to correct that. Thanks again.


Adrien said...

Haha, thanks you two. I don't know if I can correct the backwards's because I used photo booth (using the camera on the computer), which makes everything a mirror image. That's what happens when you do things the fast way! :)

Christine Pettijohn said...

I loved it. Your right it probably would be easier. Awesome job and congrats on your brother coming home!


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