Friday, November 12, 2010

Confession Friday 11-12

This is what happens when lunch comes five minutes late. Mommy goes into the kitchen to make something to eat, and Evie takes it upon herself to climb into her sister's swing and conks right out.

I think my daughter may be reverting back to babyhood. :) Not only did I catch her in the swing today, but she also climbed into Grace's changing station, and scaled her way into the bassinet tonight where she proceeded to lay down like her baby sister. Oh brother!

Does this day even need an introduction anymore? I think not. Let's roll.

I confess that I was really excited to share with you all about our paying off a debt this week, but tonight we're planning on spending money on several things we do not need. Eric wants some kind of guitar thingy, I'm getting the girls' Elf on the Shelf, and we're swinging by Hobby Lobby so I can get a new Cricut mat. None of these things are huge purchases on their own, but put them together and we'll easily drop a big fat Mr. Benjamin. 

I confess that I'm unashamedly excited about the above confession...I just want to get out of the house!

I confess that last week I showed you this picture of Evelyn playing a prank on her sister thinking it was funny....

Remember rubber band bottom?

...little did I know that the very next day Evelyn would up the ante. 

Let's see...that's a nail file, two bottles of lotion, an old Dobbs card, some deodorant, and a press pass. Nice. This now happens every day when I jump in the shower. I never know what in the world I'm going to find!

I confess that I cranked up the Christmas tunes tonight and danced around with Evelyn in the kitchen singing into a hairbrush. When Eric turned the corner I kept singing...I immediately hid the brush. :)

I confess that I finally ventured into my closet this week to take the after pregnancy "what still fits me" challenge. I am happy to report that I can get nearly all of my jeans to button. I am sad to report that I look like a stuffed sausage in most of them. 15 pounds to go!

I confess that I save my kids' umbilical cords when they fall off and put them in their memory boxes. I'm not really sure why I do this...but it can't be any weirder than Kate Gosselin taking pictures of her kids' first poopies, right?

I confess that we went grocery shopping this week and at some point in transit our can of cinnamon rolls got a little crazy and popped open. We stuck them in the fridge anyway and I made them this morning.

They weren't pretty, but they were yummy! Sadly, there were a couple of causalities that did not make it to the pan in the premature popping predicament of 2010. RIP my cinnamony sweet friends.

And that is all she wrote! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Don't do anything you might need to confess next week, haha.


Anonymous said...

Adrien, when you said that about the umbilical cords, my eyes glanced down at that cinnamon roll picture at first and I was like OH MY GOSH! Whew...just kept reading and I was relieved hahaha.

And, Evie gave me a good laugh this morning with her creative self...make sure nothing too heavy is in her reach. lol. Love your blog!
Elizabeth Walker

Christine Pettijohn said...

Hey I love the new look!!! I confess I am super jealous of you getting at least one post each time you write. How do you do it? Other then that I have nothing.

Meagan said...

Maybe Evie thought Grace smelled funny so she gave her some good smelling lotion?!

I confess that I haven't been giving Keegan a sticker for his potty chart everytime he is suppose to. The way I look at it is if he asks for it then he can get one but if he isn't too concerned then he can wait until next time!

Adrien said...

Haha, Liz! Sorry I scared you...that IS creepy looking when you're thinking in that context. Ewww.... :)

Thanks for the confessions! Christine - half of the time my comments come from my parents, hehe, so don't feel bad! And you may be right, Meagan, she DOES tend to put all of those things around her sister's rear end. :)


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