Friday, November 19, 2010

Confession Friday 11-19!

Put 'em up! My punching pilgrim. Love that face, darling; you're gorgeous! :)
Happy one month birthday to Gracie girl!

I confess that before I choose Christmas presents for my children, I decide if I will enjoy playing with them. Then I take their preferences into consideration. :) I also confess that I will pass up a super cool toy if it comes with 2349 parts. Unfortunately, clean up does not involve "everybody do your share" just yet. But we are making progress!

I confess that I officially hit my wedding day weight this morning. Woot! HOWEVER, while the scale promises I weigh what I did when I walked down the aisle, the mirror says, "Sorry, sister. You've had two children. Bwahaha." Yeah...things have definitely shifted around a bit.

I confess that I would be perfectly content with all Victoria's Secret gift cards for christmas so I can get some pretty underwear that actually fits. Did you need to know that? Probably not. :D

I confess that sometimes I enjoy being the baby around here, hehe. Like when Eric goes out of town and both my mom and mother-in-law make sure we're well fed and entertained. "What are you doing for dinner? Oh, you don't know? Well, let me bring you something...." "Why don't you bring the girls over and we can eat dinner and then watch a movie while the kids play. I'll even come to your house and help load them in the car...." "Just call me if you need a break!" Um, yes, please. :)

I confess that I will definitely be watching Oprah today even though Eric calls her the anti-christ. It's her "Favorite Things" episode and I can't resist! Actually, I won't deceive you, I've been peeking at her show quite a bit lately because it's her last season and I'm expecting something cool to happen every day. Don't let me down, O!

I confess that there are random people whose facebook pages I check all the time...maybe I think they're cool...I'm not really sure, haha. Will I share who these few are? Um, no, I don't want to creep anyone out. Okay, so I realize that is a little creepy, but I just can't break the habit!

I confess that I'm feeling guilty about sharing the "truth" about my feelings on breastfeeding yesterday, because it's only a pain when you want to go somewhere, and I really DON'T regret doing it. I almost feel like I need to write a backup post to clear that one up! Ladies: I will never judge you for not breastfeeding, but I do encourage you to just give it a try. ;) There. I feel a little better.

Would Confession Friday be complete without sharing some Evie antics with you all? I submit that it would not.

I confess that it was chili night and Evelyn wouldn't let me help her, so I decided it would be entertaining to watch her feed this to herself. 

Um, Evie, you have a bean on your head...

Yeah, see, right there....

"Get it off, get it off!"



Sarah said...

I confess that I LOVE Oprah. Like really, I watch not just this season, every season. And I secretly keep hoping that SOMEONE, ANYONE will write her about me being her biggest fan & I will get on the show! haha

Also, I confess that I envy that Evelyn wears a bib. One day, I decided not to put a bib on Luke for some strange reason. And now, I cannot for the life of me get him to wear one. He's either naked when he eats or SHOUT & I become best friends.

I love when you do these Confession Fridays. I don't feel alone, and they crack me up! Have a good weekend :)

Meagan said...

Your confessions always make me laugh!! Don't worry I look at random people on facebook people I don't even know but yet I'm up to date on their lives...and it makes me mad when the switch their profile to private! And there is nothiing wrong with wanting pretty underwear that fits!!

I confess that I'm super jealous of you for being at the same weight as your wedding day and you JUST had a baby!! I don't weigh the same as my wedding day and that was only a year & a half ago and I haven't had two babies since then!! =/

Christine Pettijohn said...

I confess that this wekend is potty training weekend for Wyatt and I am nervous as heck about it. Other then that I got nothing.

Anonymous said...

the grandchildren carry on the family tradition of entertaining themselves and others



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