Friday, November 26, 2010

Confession Friday 11-26!

I confess that I am so not preparing a blog today, because...'s Thanksgiving. But I will shamelessly share some pictures of my kids from this wonderful day!

I confess that I had no idea Eric and I were holding hands when we took this picture. *Sigh* We're even subconsciously in love. :) I confess that it took me five tries to spell subconsciously. I confess that even when I tell you that I'm not going to be making my normal confessions I obviously can't seem to help myself. 

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! And, alright, I'll confess that I'm terribly jealous of all of you Black Friday shoppers out there! Eric doesn't even get the whole day off. Boo! But I also confess that I'm SUPER excited to be putting up our tree this evening. :D Stay tuned....

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