Friday, November 5, 2010

Confession Friday 11-5!

"Leave my eyeball, guys!"

And in the very next click of the camera:

A fly landed right smack dab on my kid's forehead!

T.G.I.F! What a week it's been! I hope you had a good one, or that you're at least able to vent your frustrations via some confessions today. :) I would say I had a pretty good week, but Evelyn tried to outdo her mama this go around - she's been into everything! Many of my confessions are told through pictures this time. Boy have we had a crazy few days....

I confess that for every piece of Halloween candy I've allowed Evelyn to eat, I've eaten at least three or four myself. 

I confess that I'm cooking dinner as I type this (yes, I am that cool) and I completely blanked on how to use a hand can opener. I seriously just stared absentmindedly at this darn thing for way too long before it clicked. Mommy needs a break!

I confess that I LOVE putting together a party, but hate the cleanup my house usually takes a few days to recover from the festivities. This past week we had our election party, and we did not have a very pretty morning after. My guests may have seen a relatively clean house when they came over Tuesday night, but this was the scene Wednesday morning:

I confess that I prayed for two days after this mess that no one came over unexpectedly, because I just didn't have the energy to clean our "war zone."

I confess that I really want to make a political confession, but I can't. Let's just say, I'm over the moon about a few things and disgusted over others. Really, Illinois? Really?? Have you NOT learned your lesson at ALL? Ugh. That is all.

I confess that I have been just a little distracted this week resulting in all of the following Evie "bloopers:"

I was feeding Gracie on the couch in the living room when I heard a quiet, sweet voice in the kitchen saying, " keem...mmm." I smiled to myself. Aww, my kid is so cute. Wait a minute. Ice cream? What ice cream?

Caught ya! Apparently, Evelyn calls anything sweet "ice keem." And my little stinker was really enjoying her special stolen cupcake treat. 

Then today, I found some candy wrappers lying on the floor, and my heart sank. I never know what kind of sticky surprise I'm going to find when Evie decides to be sneaky. I didn't have to look far.

Three! That's three suckers she's trying to fit in her mouth at once. My daughter is talented. 

I confess that I actually LET Evelyn keep eating her suckers, because sometimes you have to pick your battles (and because I was laughing hysterically). I knew she'd abandon them in a minute (which she did) and we avoided a total meltdown. Fine.By.Me.

And finally, as I stepped out of the shower this afternoon I saw my adorable daughter climbing up onto her sister's bassinet. And she was smirking, literally smirking, and saying, "Ha.Ha.Ha." Oh, no. I peered over to look at my sleeping baby, and I had to hide my giggle.

Evie put a rubber band on her sister's bottom, and she thought it was pretty darn funny. Poor Gracie! I think this is just a hint of what's to come in the future, haha. (And yes, I confess that I lay my baby on her stomach, as I did her sister before her, and she sleeps like a dream.)

Whew! So there you have it. Possibly the longest Confession Friday EVER! What would I do without my daughter to lend me material? Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm so very proud of you and Eric being the great parents that you both are and find amusement when most would have total melt downs. Keep up the great work!!!

Your Father-In-Law

Meagan said...

I always love your confessions!! I've done the same with the Halloween candy, Keegan gets two pieces and then I get two's only fair right?! Oh, and when Keegan was a baby he slept on his stomach too because he slept so much better that way, which meant mommy slept better!

Kim said...

When Andrea was probably not even a month old I had put her in the "pumpkin seat" (I'm telling my age) and put her in the floor by her not quite 4 year old sister, Liz, who was being a good girl and watching TV while mommy put her makeup on. I was checking on them both every couple of minutes. Apparently not often enough...imagine my surprise when I checked and the pumkin seat was upside down with Andrea in it. I quickly turned her over (she was strapped in thank goodness and not making a sound!) and was scolding Liz at the same time. Her repy was, " I just wanted to see if she would fall out."

I confess, that I too put my babies on their tummies when napping through the day (I do the same with Jay.)

I bought and have eaten Halloween candy this year and have shared it with no

I also have said many prayers for no "unexpected visitors" since we have started our house addition.

It's all good...........


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