Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deck the Halls with Lemonade Spills

Falalalala...la la la laaaaah!

It was a change-from-one-pair-of-pajamas-and-into-another-because-you-know-you're-not-going-anywhere-anyway kind of day. After the bustle of a busy holiday weekend, these girls needed a recharge. Sometimes you need to hop on a magic carpet and travel through time to get you going, and sometimes you just need to relax and soak in the moment.

There's a reason I love decorating for the holidays. Once every shiny bauble has been hung and every animal in the nativity has found a home, it's so relaxing to just sit back and look at it all. Like a steamy cup of wassail, it warms you from the inside out and instantly puts you in the holiday mood. And today, I had a front row seat right on the couch to sit with my girls and drink it up. 

Alright, so it looks like we're going to need that magic carpet after all to take us back to where it all began last Saturday....


Somehow between snow on Thanksgiving and nasty, dreary rain today we managed to have a beautiful weekend. The bright sunlight woke me up early Saturday morning and I could not get back to sleep. After putting up our tree the night before, I was positively itching to "haul out the holly" and add some more Christmas touches here and there. 

So quiet as a church mouse, I tiptoed downstairs and began bringing up boxes of holiday goodies to play with. It really takes some creativity to decorate with a toddler in mind, but I think I managed to put out just enough in high up places to keep little hands from destroying things. We're doing good so far, at least! 

To dress up a Christmas wreath, just add a few ornaments!

I'm sure you know how to put ornaments on a wreath, but up until a few years ago I had no idea how people managed to make them look right. Then some friends at church taught me how. Just pop off the ornament toppers and put them directly on the wreath tips. Done! How could I not figure that one out??

I was really nervous about displaying the nativity this year with Evelyn around, but so far she's only managed to stretch her chubby little fingers far enough to snatch one tiny goat. I found him in her Mickey plane, so no worries. Mr. Goat is back safe and sound with baby Jesus. :)

There are no less than five Santa Clauses now hanging out with us around the house. All of them were given to us at some point or another, or I would probably have zero. I guess I collect them now. Haha.

I rarely get to light a candle anymore, so I thought I would make it count and triple our pleasure with big fat 3-wick. It looks like my pesky little dazzle beads found themselves a new home, too. ;)

And our countdown to Christmas is up and waiting for December 1st! Still loving how it turned out, and it was so easy to make!

So as the rain pounded on our windows today, we enjoyed sitting amongst the warm glowing lights of the tree and flickering candlelight. But as I sat admiring the glittery decorations an interesting thought popped into my head, as they often do in times such as these. And I began to smile as my eyes panned across the different living areas in our house. 

Soon, I wasn't getting the warm fuzzies from lights and bows. I began to see the little "decorations" that our family had left here and there; the evidences of things that said, "Hey...we live here and play here and love here." And before I knew it, I grabbed my camera; because, if it's worth taking pictures of a lifeless Christmas tree, then it's definitely worth remembering the little things that bring our home to life every single day. The heartbeat of our house can be found in so many places. It's in...

...abandoned baby dolls lying on the living room rug...

..... and tiny velcro sneakers on the bathroom floor - thrown off in anticipation from last night's splishy splashy bubble bath.

It's in sticky lemonade puddles from drippy sippy cups....

...and in lifting a glass dome to discover our family's obvious least favorite type of cookie - the only variety left. Sorry sugar cookies, we do like you, but you're sharing space with chocolate chip and peanut butter. That's some pretty stiff competition.

Everywhere I looked there were things that I'll never want to forget. Like the plunger lying out on our bedroom floor or the eyelash curler in the toybox...our Evie just loves to play the mismatch game. :) And while I will always love my Christmas decorations in an almost scary-crazy way, they'll never bring joy to our home like the people living in it. Though, I could do without the roving plungers. Ick. :D

So bring on the holly and the mistletoe! I'll string them with pleasure, for sure. And maybe someday down the road it will mean as much to Evie and Grace as it all does to me. But I'm fairly certain that as long as our girls are with us, alongside the garlands and ornaments, we will also deck our halls with sneakers and lemonade spills. I'll take that combination for as long as I can possibly keep it. 

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