Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Party 2010

Whew! I was so exhausted last night that I could not even THINK about blogging, haha. Who knew that politics could take that much outta me? Let me just say that I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends, and I hope they did, too. We partied so hardy that I think it made Evelyn sick and overstimulated our little Gracie, because for the first time EVER she was really fussy and it took forever to get her to go to sleep. Evelyn kept waking up last night because she couldn't breathe, poor thing. I'm *hoping* it's just allergies and not an illness from all of the plates and cups she kept swiping last night and eating random things off of. Oh, brother.

So, wanna see how it turned out? Well, here ya go!

I went light on the decor for this shindig, mostly because I didn't have the the time or energy to much more than what I did, haha. But I think it was just right for this kind of party. A few paper pom poms, some stars and flags, and we were good to go.  Oh, and the picture pointing to the TV as the main event? That's a total lie. This was the main event:

Those two on the couch over there. Yeah. They kept us ALL entertained. You see, that's Eric and our good friend Dan. They disagree politically. And the whole world got to hear about it. All.Night.Long. :) Eric was informed of the "rules" before the party, but I think they went in one ear and out the other. 

"On election night, you know you're right, so nod your head and smile bright, if someone tries to start a fight."

That's exactly what I told my husband, but apparently my clever little rhyme didn't take. I love you, dear. I suppose their spectacle was no different than watching two grown men yelling at the TV during the Super Bowl. And to these guys, well, this is pretty much the Super Bowl. See the laptops? They were on the computers AND watching the TV to get the fastest election returns possible. Hehe. Gotta love 'em!

Here was my favorite part of the evening:


Just kidding. :) This is just a taste of the buffet we would have. This picture was taken before anyone arrived, and let me tell ya, after a few friends added some more snacks, this table was groaning under the weight of it all. I had a lot of fun making these:

Mmm...and I was over the moon when Zach discovered the cupcakes. I'm not sure how many he ate, but I'm glad someone enjoyed them, because I did NOT want a ton of these sweet babies left for me to pig out on. Because I can't lie, I have no will power. I'm pretty sure I snagged a couple myself throughout the course of the evening! 

Even the taco dip got dressed up for the occasion.

 Okay, so was I making fun of Eric earlier? I take it back. We're all nerds in our own special way.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the party, but I was a little busy between mingling, chasing Evelyn, and packing around an unusually fussy Grace.  I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of our friends, but not everyone had even arrived yet when I did. Here's one single stinkin picture I took that actually turned out of our first arrivers:

By the time everyone would pile into our little living room, there was just enough space in the middle for Evelyn to bounce back and forth stealing people's food and crushing tortilla chips into my carpet. You do NOT want to see what my house looks like this morning. Hurricane Evie blew through here last night. Who would've thought such a little person could make such a big mess?? And I've never seen Evelyn's room so topsy turvy, either. She and and the Pettijohn's son Wyatt had way too much fun in there! Haha. 

I would say overall the night was a success. I know I had fun, and boy am I relieved to have made it through our first get together post Gracie! It was exactly two weeks from yesterday that I was in the hospital on Grace's birthday. I have to say, I have been wondering how this night would turn out since last Spring when I realized it was our year to host election night, and I knew I would have a newborn at home. If I can do it, so can you! It's so nice to have friends to hang out with and decorate and prepare snacks for. It's simply lovely making up an excuse to get everyone together.

Call me crazy, but I'm already brainstorming our next party. Will it be an ice cream social? Mama Adrien's Pizza Parlor? Dinner Mystery night? I don't know! I've thought of all of those and more...I just can't decide. And I'm seriously giggling at Mama Adrien's Pizza Parlor. I would so not call it that, haha. So I'm going to get on the brainstorming train once again, and while I do, here's an encouragement for you to host a "just because" party sometime soon. Pick a theme and run with it! I'm hoping to squeeze in at least one more before Christmas. Oooh, Christmas party. Okay, I need to stop!

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