Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feeling Icky

My throat is tightening, my nose is itchy, and I am achy all over. Eric is going out of town this week for five days, and I cannot afford to be sick. :( So this mommy is skipping the blog this evening and getting some rest. I hope you all have a great Tuesday! And if you remember, say a little prayer that whatever I'm feeling just mysteriously goes away.

Oh, just one thing! I've been messing around with the layout of the blog lately. I'm a creature of habit and change scares me, haha. So let me know if this background is distracting. Seriously. You're allowed to say, "Adrien, it looks like garbage and I prefer your old layout better." I tested out a purple background for a few days, but it was feeling a little "cold" around here, so I warmed it up a bit. So if you like the layout, please leave a one-word comment describing how YOU feel today. If no one comments, I'll get the picture...and it'll give me an excuse to revert back to watercolors, haha.

I have big plans for a little game of dress up with the girls later today...if I'm feeling up to it that is! Be sure to check back tomorrow to join in on the fun. :D


joyce said...

Sorry your feeling bad, wish I could help, I will say a prayer, won't be home have an appt. after work, if you need something call dad. Background looks fine, but honestly I am more into what you are writing than the decor you put around it :) You have me curious about your next post.

Cassie said...

I agree, I don't pay any attention to the background because I am so focused on your posts. It looks fine. Remember, those who mind don't matter and whose who matter don't mind.
Sounds like you are getting what we had the other weekend. It was just 24 hours so I hope it's gone before Eric leaves!!

Pettijohn said...

I agree with Joyce. I am more into what you write. I did not even notice the background till you said something about it. I am bad with details I know. Lol! Hope you feel better.

rachel fox said...

haha...i must be an odd duck! i always look the background of every blog i frequent! ::shrug:: but i really like this background...it's much more "seasonal", i guess. but you're right, it's a bit warmer...i dig it!

Adrien said...

Well, I'm glad for the positive responses! Whether you pay attention or not, haha...guess I'll be keeping it just the way it is for a while. :)


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