Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Tree Past

Well, thanks to our SUPER cable provider, this one's coming 'atcha a little later than usual. And because of their AWESOME service, I get to sit here all morning wondering when the cable guy is going to show up to not fix our problem again. (I perform this ritual at least once a month for those of you who are new around here. This is seriously the second time since Grace has been home that I'm wasting a day waiting on the cable man.) But never mind, we have things to discuss.

So I didn't get to ALL of the cleaning that I would've liked to yesterday; Evelyn and Grace decided to play tag-team on the nap times. Oh I just love days like that. But I did get a few things done, like cleaning out our kitchen drawers and...duh duh-duh duuuuuh: (that's a big intro sound if you didn't catch that)

...clearing out a space for Big Bertha! Aka: our Christmas tree. Despite not having my closet cleaned, I've decided our tree is going up on Friday or bust! So neener, neener. (That's me, sticking out my tongue at my past-self who said no tree until all of the cleaning was done.) Let's get real...I have a 17 month old and a one month old. Some things just don't get done when you'd like them to.

Okay, and yes, I did take pictures of my crazified kitchen drawers. But I wasn't able to snap the "afters." Is it really fair if I show you the "befores" without proving that they no longer look that way? No, it's not. But i'll show you, anyway. Just know that a stack of papers and magazines nearly two feet high came out of these things. Don't believe me? Well, shoot, I don't have a picture to prove it. But it's true.


I especially love that last one. Dum dums and WD-40. Nice. And sprinkled on the bottom was a ton of spilled lifesavers and thumbtacks. It's like the wicked witch in Hansel and Gretel: Let me lure you in with tasty treats, and then I will hurt you. Hurt you, I say. 

So I'm counting effort and intent on this one to give myself permission to bring out the sparklies and shinies on Friday. I'm full of made up words today. :) And I thought I would share with you a couple of pictures of our tree's past to really get my decorating juices flowing.

The {official, totally rad} History of the Robert Family Christmas Tree:

Eric and I purchased our first (and only) Christmas tree before we were even married. Well before. Several years before. I guess I should say that Eric purchased it, because I've always had a hard working man who knew from very early on that his girl liked traditional stuff, so when I came up with the idea on a whim one night..."Can we pleeease go buy a Christmas tree?"... Eric "the great" generously obliged. 

We journeyed to a magical land of tools and lumber (Home Depot) and chose our 7.5 foot pre-lit beauty. We loaded it into Eric's old Blazer and brought it back to his parent's house where we would set it up for the next couple of years. Each year we would buy a few more coordinating ornaments to fill out the tree, and the idea was that by the time we were married we would have a beautiful Christmas tree to set up at our first place. I present to you, our first "married" Christmas Tree:

I realize you can barely see anything here, but you get the gist. Our very large tree engulfed our entire living area in our first apartment, and I swear it made the room five degrees warmer than the rest of the place when it was turned on, haha. But I didn't care. It was our tree and I loved it.

Then last year we had moved from the city and back to our hometown where we had a bit more room. Here was our tree on Christmas Eve. 

And here's our baby Evelyn already causing mischief. One morning while folding laundry I heard a little tinkle tinkle, and turned around to find my five month old baby shaking the entire Christmas tree!

Unfortunately, I don't think there will be an issue with keeping Evelyn away from the ornaments this year...I know there will be an issue, and I'm already dreading that part. I'll be finding ornaments e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

And now I'm realizing that we haven't been in the same place twice for Christmas since we've been married. Ole Bertha will come out of hiding this year and find herself in a brand new home once again. Who knows where we'll be this time next year. I'd like to say that there won't be a move again between now and then, but you never know with us! We may be here next Christmas, or we may be half-way around the world for all I know.

What I do know is that in two days her home will be right here:

And I can't wait!

P.S The cable guy came right in the middle of typing this. Hehe. Whoops! Sorry, cable guy. It's nothing personal. 

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