Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

O Christmas Tree 
A play in three very short Acts

Cast of Characters
Eric "The Dad" Robert: A good-natured man who who humors his wife. Anti-fluffer. 
Adrien "The Mom" Robert: Slightly Christmas-crazy and determined to make memories - like it or not.
Evelyn Lily Robert: A rather feisty little girl with an affinity for all things stinker. Way too cute. Uses adorable smile to worm her way out of trouble. 
Grace Violet Robert: Short, quiet, sleepy. Generally well-tempered and a little confused as to how she ended up in this crazy family. 

Act I: The Preparation
A coffee pot sits gurgling in the corner while the family gathers around a box of decorations. Christmas music is softly playing in the background. Eric is assembling the tree grumbling something about "fluffing" while the three girls sit back and giggle.  

Eric: Grumble grumble fluffing grumble grumble....
Adrien: What was that, dear?
Eric: Nothing. Just saying I love you.
Adrien: Oh yes, that is what I thought you said. 
Eric's Brain: If I complain enough maybe she'll fluff this dang tree all by herself.

Clinking glass sounds somewhere from stage left. Adrien's mommy radar is on the alert.

Adrien: Um, where's Evelyn?

Evelyn: (to herself) Oh, wow...wowy wow wooow....

Adrien realizes that the priceless ornaments she and Eric have been collecting for years are at the mercy of her 17 month old daughter.

Adrien: (rushing towards Evelyn) Oh, no, honey those are for later.

Too late.

Adrien: And that's why we buy cheap stuff. Evelyn, why don't you go help your dad put up the tree?

Adrien picks up the broken peices while Evelyn butters up her daddy.

Act II: Decorating the Tree

Evelyn opens the act by attempting to strangle herself with Christmas beads. Daddy rescues her from a terrible fate...

Eric: Evie, what the heck are you doing?

...while little sister Gracie waits patiently to get the show on the road.

Gracie: What is wrong with these people?

The family finally gets their act together and begins to trim the tree. Evelyn surprises everyone by actually hanging an ornament - her first one ever. 

Adrien: She's a genius, a genius I tell you.
Eric: Her acceptance letter to Harvard should be arriving shortly. 

Eric sips his speciality brew, while Adrien hums happily as all of the beads, bows, and ornaments are placed on every bough. 

Evelyn calls intermission to butter up her daddy some more. 

And just as things are wrapping up...

Eric: Adrien, thanks for having traditions for our family
Adrien: (smiling from behind the tree) Oh. You're welcome.

Act III: The Finished Product

Adrien: I think it's beautiful.
Eric: It sure is.
Evelyn: Oh, yes. Indubitably. 
Gracie: Snore.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are pricless along with the story.


Olivia said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it :) We're starting our tradition this year! Took the baby to pick out the tree and everything. she sat in her bumbo while we worked! haha. i love it! Wonderful, Adrien!

Kathy Ghahkenshah said...

Beautiful pictures. Amazing and creative story! Wonderful traditions!

Adrien said...

Thanks, everyone! Did you notice there are like, no ornaments on the bottom half of the tree? Haha...wonder why that is....

Cassie said...

Crack me up!!! Too cute. Great tree!

Skooks said...

I love the ornaments surrounding the little one in the bouncy. LOL! said...

Hi Adrien! Im you newest follower!! I am LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVIN your blog! You have had me laughing all the way thru! And the reflection of you in the ornamant...HALARIOUS!!! I just posted something about that on my blog TODAY!! LOL! I would love for you to visit my design blog and 14 days of xmas trees! I have a giveaway you might like! Im off to look at more of your blog! You kids..BEYOND ADORABLE!!!



Adrien said...

Thanks, ladies! Hey, Kara...I'm off to check out your blog!!


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