Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Magic Messes

Mommy's paper dolls. :)

The lamps in our living room were softly glowing and the heater was chugging along for most of the morning. As the rest of the world ventured out into the dreary cold, the Robert girls stayed huddled inside our cozy place here on Country Club Drive, ready for a day of jammies and no expectations.  (Oh, it is lovely to be a stay at home mom, sometimes!) But after spending an adequate amount of time snuggling under the warmth of a fuzzy blanket, eating snacks and watching television, we decided we were going to go ahead and bust out of this place for a little while.

So with a paintbrush, a paper bag, and little bit of imagination, Evelyn, Grace, and I took a ride on a red and white checked magic carpet all the way back to the year 1621....

Sometimes you have speed up the tempo and mix things up a little bit. Sometimes life requires a little trip to dream world. And sometimes it's totally worth making a right good mess along the way. 

Anyone who is anyone knows that a paper plate is the true artist's palette, and Evelyn Lily is an artistic prodigy. 

Somewhere along our journey through time, we decided that it would probably be a good idea if we looked the part while peeking in on the Thanksgiving celebration at Plymouth Plantation. Evelyn's far-out oversized painting t-shirt would simply never blend in amongst those early party guests. 

Based on personalities, it was quickly decided that Evelyn would represent the Native American team - aka, the Indians, because we still call them that around here. And Grace, who is already well versed in taking over occupied territory, would gladly join up with team Pilgrim. 

No one can design a paper bag to look like an authentic buckskin dress quite like my eldest daughter. After one spilled cup of milky paint water and a whole lot of painting things that are not paintable - like mommy's hair and backside (for real, do not turn around when a 17 month old has a paintbrush in her hands) we realized that we had reached our destination, and it was time to land this thing. 

The girls donned their traditional garb, and they were the hit of the day. :)

Yes, I realize that Grace looks part Puritan, part swashbuckling pirate...but she tried, guys, really she did. :) My poor child. Her mother subjects her to so much torture.

So back on our table cloth, I mean magic carpet 'o fun, we hopped, making it home just in time for daddy to walk through the front door. It was nice to get a way for a while. Sometimes we natives just get a little restless sitting around, so it's a good thing we have passports into the realm of fantasy to allow us to escape the walls of this house without ever having to put our coats on. I hope that no matter where we are, no matter when we are, we will always be able to find our magic carpet to fly us wherever we want to go. 


Anonymous said...

Great idea once again. Are you feeling better?


Adrien said...

I AM feeling better. I was really achey all day yesterday, but it never materialized into anything. Maybe my flu shot actually worked!


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