Monday, November 1, 2010

October 31 Rewind!

It cannot possibly be November 1st! October was a month I had been dwelling on and dreaming about for so long with the anticipation of our second baby, and now it's over!  We had a wonderful first Halloween as a family of four, and we're rewinding the clock to relive a few of our family memories from this fun-filled day.

We started off our morning with a little photo shoot, and for the first time in a long time Evelyn decided to play along. Oh baby, I knew this was going to be a great day!

Check out this big kid! I love her little hair wing flying out, haha. 

Sisters. :)

Evelyn LOVES to give her little sister kisses. It is super sweet, let me tell ya, though I'm not sure how Gracie feels about big wet puddles planted on her head and face all the time...hehe. 

After we snapped a few photos (okay, a few dozen photos) we loaded up the family and headed off to Gracie's first church experience. It's always interesting to do anything for the first time with a newborn. You just never know what they will tolerate and how they will act when thrown into a new setting. I don't think Evelyn made it more than fifteen minutes through her first church service. After the singing she said, "Sianara!" and totally checked out. Mommy spent the entire rest of the service with her in the nursery. I recall spending a lot of entire Sunday mornings with Evelyn in the nursery, haha. But Gracie is a tad more laid back than her older counterpart, and she made it through the ENTIRE service with just a few quickly quieted fusses. Woot! I just knew this was going to be a great day. Have I said that already? :)

We had lunch with Eric's parents, came home for naps, had dinner with my parents, and then...

Trick or Treat!
Proud as a peacock!

And we're not sure what Grace was supposed to be, but her hood had ears, and she sure was cute!

And it's time for photo shoot #2 for the day. This time with uncle John, aka: the dragon! Unfortunately, by the time we were able to get our camera out the kids were already sick of sitting around for pictures and just wanted to get out the door. And I'm pretty sure that their costumes had to have been getting pretty toasty by this point! Still, we managed to snap a few pictures for the sake of memories.

There she goes kissing her sister again!

Alright, alright...we've tortured the children enough. :) Time for some treats! The weather in Red Bud was absolutely perfect for Halloween. It wasn't ridiculously freezing like it has been in some years past, yet it was just chilly enough to justify the very warm costumes we had picked out. 

Evelyn was SUCH a trooper. We don't yet have a stroller that will accommodate both a sitter and a pumpkin seat, so she walked the entire time and never complained. I'm so proud of my big girl! And my babies have a pretty great dad, if I do say so myself.

We were able to visit with the girls' great grandparents for a while before heading out for some more trick or treating with uncle John. By then it was too dark for pictures, and Gracie wanted to Evelyn was able to hit up just a few houses before we packed it in and headed home to hand out candy.

Now, can I tell you a little secret?

Some of the best parts of our day were not captured in a picture. Dressing up and trick or treating was definitely sweet and fun, but being home with my husband and my babies, piling into bed and giggling at our silly Evelyn and our grunty, sleepy baby Grace - that was the best. Those are the moments that I wish that someone else could just follow us around with a video camera and film every detail of our lives. Those are the memories that I want to bottle up so that I can revisit them in technicolor any time I want. It's these times that I ache for and miss mere minutes after they actually happen.

Yes, even this picture loving fool realizes that you can't really live life behind a camera lens. We'll never ever have the sweetest of memories to chronicle and file away neatly in a photo album. And that's a huge motivator for me to continue this blog. Because I hope that one day I can look back at entries like these and realize that the best moments happened in between and after and before the pictures that you see. We had a very Happy Halloween...but Halloween really had nothing to do with it. Today was about our family. Our little foursome, our parents, our grandparents, our siblings...they make life worth living. I hope you had a wonderful October 31st with people that you love, too.

And now I can officially say goodbye to the month of October. You were a great one, pal! But now November is moving in and we've got more memories to make. Some for the pages of the photo albums, and some to be tucked into our hearts and meant only for us to recall in our own minds in the quiet moments of life. So come on, November! I'm ready to live a little more.


Anonymous said...

Keep the photo memories and great writing coming. I enjoy every picture and word written. Thanks for sharing.

Your Father-in Law

Andrea Ingles said...

We stopped by to show you our little sea turtle, but you guys weren't back yet. We need to get together and visit soon! Love your pictures!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, Greg! I can always count on hearing from you. :)

Shucks, Andrea! It would have been cute to get pictures of the kids together. I can't wait to see pics of Jay! We WILL get together soon - if not tomorrow, then we'll plan something because I'm already starting to go stir crazy over here, haha.

Kim said...

OK, Adrien, I have decided that instead of the nice little square box of kleenex I have sitting on my computer desk, I'm going to have to hang a paper towel holder on the wall so I can have extra absorbant Bounties near by for the tears I cry every time I read your blog. Floods of memories fill my heart after this one in particular and you're right on the money. It's the memories that aren't in a journal or on photopaper that are the Best of the Best. Thank you for finding time in your busy days to let us pick in and enjoy these times with you.
Kim Miller

Adrien said...

I just love you, Kim. :) Do you cry in movies, too, because if so we could get together and have a real bawl fest sometime, haha. Being a mom has made me an emotional ball of mush! Thank you for continuing to read and check in!

Sarah said...

Adrien, you seem to do make me cry every.single.time I read your posts, haha. I'm thinking to myself: should I? should I not? It's a post about Halloween. Go for it! Psssh! What a little stinker! Love Evie's costume. Glad your first family of four holiday was wonderful :)


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