Monday, November 29, 2010

Portable North Pole Fun!

Raise your hand if you believe in Santa Clause!! Woot! :) When you are a child with as big of an imagination as I had growing up, you don't care if certain things are real or not because you just want them to be real. For those of you who had Santa loving parents, you probably remember your fateful "last" Christmas. I distinctly remember asking my mom point-blank if there was a Santa Clause when I was eight years old. Yes, eight. I think I had really known for a while, but I just couldn't bring myself to seal the deal. And for years after that I would have dreams about spotting Santa and his sleigh, and I would literally wake up with an ache in my heart knowing the truth. Sigh. We can't be little forever, eh?

But then it all comes back full circle the day we become parents ourselves. The holidays are suddenly magical once again, and we get to do all of the fun little things our parents did for us once upon a time. Today, I'm talking to all of the next generation "Santa parents" out there...because we have to stick together when it comes to fostering our fun little secret. 

So have your children ever received a letter from Santa Clause? Ever sat on the jolly guy's lap? Or maybe even gotten a phone call from Old St. Nick? Ah, we Santa-fied parents know how to perpetuate our littles' fantasies, don't we? This week our girls will be getting a very special visit from some North Pole friends, a tradition started by my mom when I was itty bitty. (More on that this Thursday!)

But have your children ever gotten a totally personal video message from Santa straight from his workshop? Impossible, you say? Oh, no. Not impossible. Our dear friend Mr. Clause has gone portable in the past few years, and thanks to a very AWESOME website, your kids can get a super special surprise this holiday season!

It's called Portable North Pole, and with a little bit of information from you, Santa Clause will be talking to YOUR child live and in color right on your computer screen. Have your kids been naughty or nice? What do they want for Christmas? Just click the links provided and answer a few questions about your kiddo, and the website will do the rest. It's free and fun for all! There are also opportunities for you to upload photos in certain places, and my advice is to do it. Trust me, it's way better and much more personal. I also recommend skipping the "Toddler" option in the beginning and choosing "Children" regardless of your child's age. You'll get a much more detailed message that way!

To see a preview of this neat little video, check out the special message Santa sent to our daughter Evelyn. Evie is only 17 months old, and she was entranced...way more than last year, that's for sure. :) (Everyone's video will be a little different based on the options that you choose.)

To create a personalized message for your child, click here:

Have fun, and please let me know if you try it out! Ohhh...You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why.... :)


Anonymous said...

That was great, can't wait to share with my office personnel. Thanks


Anonymous said...

I just created a PNP video for my nephew...that's sooooo neat!!! It's so real that it sparks beliefs in adults hearts too :) Love it! Thank you for sharing!!!
liz walker


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