Sunday, November 21, 2010

Savings Sunday Week 3 - Black Friday!

Can you believe that its Thanksgiving week?? Boy am I glad I'm not on a diet. Unfortunately, I no longer have the excuse that I'm eating for three. :) (And if you're scratching your head, at one point I was pregnant and nursing at the same time!) I really should apologize to my body. It's been in a constant stream of baby mode since September, 2008. But that's a post for another day.

Today is all about the deals! And maybe I'm being lazy, or maybe it's really just more convenient for you, but I'm taking you straight to the sources and linking you up to the sites that I have been finding useful lately. And since it's the last Sunday before Black Friday, November 26 is our theme! I have to admit that for the first time in years I'm probably not going to be hitting the stores at the crack of dawn. I just can't do it with two babies at home. But the great news is that many stores will be running the same deals and even more online! So for those of us who will be homebound this Friday, we can still take advantage of a great offer or two if there's something we just can't pass up. So let's get started!

First of all, if you still haven't scouted all the ads, here are a couple of sites that will fix you up in no time:

And here are some links to helpful articles (with videos!) that will help you along on your Black Friday adventures.

How to Find the Best Deals on Black Friday

There are a few stores that will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year and offering deals. This is a bit of a heated talking point for some folks (making employees work on a holiday), but I thought I would go ahead and share with you the stores that I know of. Honestly...I might stop at Old Navy on our way home from Thanksgiving if I can talk Eric into it, since I won't be able to go out the next day.

*Check details for stores in your area to make sure this applies. Don't waste a trip!

Sears will be open from 7am to noon
Toys 'R Us will open at 10pm
Old Navy will be open all day
Wal-Mart will be open with sales starting at Midnight
CVS sales will start Thanksgiving Day
Kmart sales will start at 6am on Thanksgiving Day
Michaels sales start Thanksgiving Day
Walgreens sales start Thanksgiving Day at 9am

Just for fun, here are a few of my personal tips for going out on Black Friday. These may not be the "traditional" sales tips you'll find elsewhere, but in my opinion, they are just as important. Without these, you may miss the deals because you're just tired, crabby, and unprepared.

*Take a shower either right before bed or before you head out early Friday morning, because if you're like me and you feel scuzzy without at least a quick shower every day, you will be kicking yourself at 10am when you're sweaty, your hair feels disgusting, and you know you look horrible. It'll seriously make you irritable and ready to just go home and get clean!

*EAT before you head out, and even bring along some little snacks for in the car or in your purse. I don't know what it is about shopping, but it can zap your energy faster than anything else I know. When it's only 8am and you've already been out for three hours, you'll be craving a cheeseburger for breakfast if you haven't eaten adequately. (Been there, done that!)

*Plan your route before heading out. You know what your favorite stores are, I'm sure, but don't necessarily visit your stores in order of personal popularity. Some will be opening way earlier than others, some may have specific doorbusters that you're after available only in limited quantities, and some may have sales ending sooner in the day. Take all of this into consideration when deciding where to go first.

*Have patience and be gracious with sales clerks...even crabby ones. It always amazes me how many people standing in the lines spend the entire time grumbling that they're standing in a line. Um,'re shopping on Black Friday. Where have you been, Sherlock? I'm almost positive that the guys and gals working the check-outs wish the lines were as short as you do...and they've been dealing with enough ornery people all day to make even the nicest person snap. 

*And finally, remember that many of these deals are NOT worth stressing about and can be found at other times. So have fun on Black Friday, because after all, half of the excitement is just getting up early and shopping amongst the buzz of the day. Nothing is worth being rude to someone over...if you get to that point, you know it's time to head home for some warm milk and a nap. :)

Have a happy Sunday, all! Scout those ads and be prepared if you're heading out this week. Have lots of fun for me; I'm living vicariously through you!

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Anonymous said...

I have never ventured out on Black Friday, but through you and your stories since being with Eric, I feel like I have been there. You have put a positive spin for all to be courtious and nice. Thanks for the ideas.



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