Sunday, November 14, 2010

Savings Sunday Week 2!

So have you made out your Christmas lists yet?? I know that many of my diligent friends are already or nearly finished with their shopping this holiday season. Way to go! I'm back again this week with a few more deals to share with those of you who are still looking for gifts...or maybe you just love to shop. Either way.... :) I just have one favor to ask in return. I'm looking for a deal. A steal. The best price I can absolutely find on one of these:

A jumperoo. It doesn't have to necessarily be this exact model, but the cheapest I have been able to track one down for is $65.00 before tax, and that will just not do. Not for this budgeting mama. This will be Gracie's "big" gift this year, and it's on my must-have list. 

Evelyn never had a jumperoo, and the poor thing tried to jump in her exersaucer all the time! This is the only baby gear item that we don't own, and it will probably be one of the few things under the tree for Grace since she'll pretty much be a spectator this year. :) So if anyone could help me out, please let me know. I would be super grateful!

I'll start off the deals today by sharing a coupon that you can use TODAY only! It's a friends and family coupon for 20% off of your entire purchase at American Eagle Outfitters, aerie, and 77kids. This is a printable coupon, OR you can use the online code provided. Just click the link below!

Needing any items from Office Depot? How about some stocking stuffers? :) Check out this great deal: $10 off of your qualifying purchase of $20 or more. Click below to get your coupon! (Good through November 20th.)

I'm sure if you're a Black Friday shopper you have already been scouting the published ads! But if not, here is a link to a great resource for Black Friday deals for this year. It's your one stop ad shop!

Guess what Wal-Mart has on sale? A kitchen set. Guess for how much. $15.00!! Granted, it's a small set with very few bells and whistles, but for $15.00 it's still a great deal as a side gift or a gift for a friend's child. You can have it shipped to any store for free. Check it out here:

Target always has great coupons, so make sure to check out all of these awesome offers on toys. There are deals to be had, so don't miss out! (Click on "Sporting Goods and Toys" in the lefthand column. For whatever reason the page only links to the Groceries category.)

Choose your deal at JC Penney TODAY and TOMORROW by using these coupons! Or use the coupon code 4NICEVIP to get these deals online! OR...use coupon code "JUSTSHOP" to get $10 off of a purchase of $25 or more.

**I have FABULOUS information on the Cricut Expression cutting machine which will be selling for $185.00 on Black Friday (that's much less than normal) with two cartridges...AND in NEW colors: aqua, green, canary, and plum. The style is similar to the picture above, except that the entire machine is colored and the flourishes are in white. These things are cute!! However, I can only speak privately about where you can get this awesome deal. PM me on facebook or leave your email address in the comments if you're interested!** 

I hope these deals are able to help someone out this week! It always pays to be a thrifty pun intended. ;) Check back next week for more deals. It'll be the last Sunday before Black Friday, so it may just be nuts around here!


Staci said...

I checked on ebay for a jumperoo and found one for $50. I've been able to get alot of stuff on there for less than in stores.

Adrien said...

Thanks! I'll check it out. I usually find some great deals on ebay, but sometimes I have to watch out because they want to charge $20 for shipping or something...theeen it's not such a good deal, haha.


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