Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You Veterans!

It's Veteran's Day! Never has this day meant more to me than it does this year, because my little brother has decided to join the military. Way to go, Roger! In fact, as I'm writing this, my entire immediate family (minus myself, of course) is piled into my father-in-law's Suburban on their way to Georgia for his graduation from boot camp. I have to give a big congratulations to my brother who has decided to do ROTC (Reserve Officer's Training Corps) and go to college as part of his service. Eric and I are very proud of you, pal. Roger has yet to meet his newest niece, so we're very excited for him to come home just in time for the holidays! And from what I've heard he is equally as ready to be home, haha.

So, I love America. I love Americana. I love our freedoms, I love our customs, I love our story. Our little family is a patriotic clan through and through. My daughters are fortunate enough to trace their roots all the way back to the American Revolution (and this mama is so proud that this qualifies them to be in the DAR! And if you don't know what that is - what? Did you not watch Gilmore Girls?? Haha. For those in the dark, it's the Daughters of the American Revolution.) But we wouldn't dream of waving our flags without giving credit where credit is due. It's almost a cliche to say this, but truly, our freedom was bought with a price; it wasn't freely given - it was earned from the very beginning. It was defended over and over again throughout our nation's short history, and it is still being defended today.

My brothers with Eric. Roger is on the left. Can you believe I can't find a single picture of my brother and me on this darn computer? I know they exist, but obviously we don't take enough pictures together! I guess a picture with my hubs is the next best thing. :)

So here is a big THANK YOU to all of our service men and women - both retired and active duty. And certainly on this day, we will honor those that paid the ultimate price and gave their lives for their country. You ALL amaze me. I owe each of you a debt of gratitude, and I thank you for giving me the moments that I have with my family - for having this life as I know it. With God's provision and your willingness to sacrifice I am living this life freely and happily. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And can I just throw out here that I know a few ladies who have worn camouflage and can still rock a pair of heels. Holla! Don't mess with America, people. Even those among us who wear lipstick can kick butt. Just sayin.... And don't look at me. I'm more the USO type, myself. I can be a cheerleader and bake cookies for the butt kickers. That is my contribution. :D

It seems as though I am not the only one who is thankful to our veterans today. There are many merchants all across the country who are saying their thank you's by offering both retired and active duty military personnel free and discounted items today. Woot! If you are a veteran, or if you know one, please take advantage of some of these freebies and pass the information along. Free food and store coupons are the very least your country can do to give back to you.

Check out the deals !

~ Applebee's is offering a free meal TODAY for all veterans and active duty military members. There will be 7 different entrees to choose from. Yum!
~ Golden Corral is giving free meals on Monday, November 15 from 5pm-9pm to our veterans and military personnel. This is their ninth year giving back - that's awesome! 
~ Chili's is also offering a free meal TODAY. They have 6 meals for the vets and active duty military to choose from.
~ Outback Steakhouse is giving away free bloomin' onions and non-alcoholic beverages if you bring proof you are or have been in the military. Mmm...bloomin' onions....
~ Krispy Kreme is honoring veterans and active duty military by giving them a free doughnut today. That's "hot now." :)
~ Stop by Lowe's or The Home Depot if you're a vet, active military, OR a family member to get a 10% discount.
~ Sam's Club will be giving away free Hugo brand canes to veterans in need of mobility assistance today while supplies last. 
~ Build -A- Bear Workshops are giving a 20% discount to active duty military TODAY through November 15th. 
~ Dollar General is giving a 10% discount to all veterans, active duty service members AND their immediate family members TODAY.
~ Sears is offering a 10% discount TODAY and TOMORROW as part of their "Salute to Local Heroes." This is for all veterans, military, teachers, firefighters, police, and hospital staff. Too cool!
~ Big Lots is giving a 10% discount if you can show your military ID!

Feeling a little left out non-military people? Well, don't despair, there's even a freebie for you. Today only, you can go to and download the "Veterans Day Honor" MP3 for free. Go here to download this 12 song compilation: Veterans Day Honor

So while we sit in our comfortable homes today, let's do just a little something for our veterans and military members. Just take one minute out of your day for a moment of silence, honoring those who have made great sacrifices for you and me. Say a prayer for those in harms way and for their families. Fly a flag outside of your home or wear your red, white, and blue as you go out and about. Show our veterans and the rest of the world that you are thinking about them and honoring them on this very special day. It doesn't take much, but I'm sure they appreciate being appreciated. I know I would. Simple gestures like these can really speak volumes. And boy, we can't wait to welcome my little brother home in a few days. Gracie is waiting to meet you, Uncle Roger!   

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Anonymous said...

Abbey was born when my brother was on a 48 hour pass down in Georgia, my dad and older brother were with him. he met Abbey a month later at his graduation, and he will be shipping out sometime this spring to Iraq. (I know the exact date but I'm not allowed to tell)


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