Thursday, November 18, 2010

Udder Covers ;)

My baby girl is one month old tomorrow. Holy. Cow. I have to say being a mother of two is nothing like I thought it would be. It's so much better! And no, I'm not just saying that.

While I can chalk a little of that up to being a bit more experienced than I was the first time around, I have to be honest. There is one little invention that is giving me a major leg up. Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies, because gentlemen will probably find this odd and uncomfortable), I present to you: Udder Covers.

They are pretty. They are convenient. They are currently saving my sanity.

I am SO not that friend who tries to talk all of her other mommy friends into breastfeeding. I've done it, I've survived it, and I am doing it again, but I know that it's not for everyone. I'm not really sure that any nursing mother could honestly rave about how totally enjoyable it is, how incredibly convenient it is, or how it's the one thing their looking forward to ever doing again. Let's just be honest here, for anyone with an ounce of conservatism:

1. Nursing in public is awkward and clunky - especially at first. You seriously need octopus arms to juggle holding a baby, holding up a blanket, making sure you're covered, keeping that covering from flying up under a squirmy baby's flailing arms and legs, and guiding things along so your kid can actually eat. And all of this has to be done blindly, because you can't actually see what's going on under there. It's enough to give you hives, and one bad experience will leave you terrified to ever try again.

No more octopus arms!

2. Nursing is convenient for everyone EXCEPT the one actually doing it. That would be YOU, mommy. First of all, read number one again, and then throw in that your body is leaking, your baby can never be more than a couple of hours away from you, and if they are you have to pump to leave them food (if you're lucky enough to produce enough milk to allow you to do so and still feed your child - I'm not that lucky) and you have to bring a pump with you or find a way to "express" your milk otherwise you'll explode...I repeat, you WILL explode. You are the only one who can feed your baby in the middle of the night. And you have to buy all new bras that actually fit. Tell me if any of that is convenient

3. You are the exception, not the rule (unfortunately) and the world is not always kind to nursing mothers. Few places will accommodate a private place for you to nurse if you're uncomfortable doing so out in the open. Be prepared to spend part of every evening out with your family sitting in running cars, on un-lidded toilet seats in public bathrooms, or scouting out the only empty hallway or corner you can find and praying no one walks by. Daddy will often have to stand guard for you on this one.

So why do I do it? It's healthy for me and my baby, it melts away the baby weight, it's cheap, and I have no reason not to. That's it in a nutshell.

"Udder Covers to save the daaay!!"

I seriously felt trapped when I was nursing Evelyn. I felt like I couldn't have a life her entire babyhood for all of the above reasons. It was just easier to stay at home when I thought about all of the dreaded trouble I would have to go through every time she got a little fussy and needed to eat or soothe. So imagine the pure joy I felt when, just after starting to ease back on the breastfeeding with Evie, I found out I was going to have to start all over again from square one with baby number two. Hmm...woo...hoo.

But wait! There is a silver lining....

Towards the tail end of nursing Evelyn full-time, a friend directed me to a website where you could get a FREE nursing cover-up called an Udder Cover which I had never heard of, but which seriously made me giggle. So of course I had to check it out...and it turns out, it was legit. I placed an order and all I had to do was pay the shipping. Awesome. But then it took a few weeks for my little gem to arrive, Evelyn was nursing less and less, and it got tucked away and never used. Sadly, I survived nursing Evelyn for the entire duration doing things the hard way.

So when Grace arrived I knew I had to try it out. It's been a month, and this mom who NEVER nursed her first baby out in the open has already done so three times with baby number two. I'm in love! This super simple little invention has changed not only my feelings on nursing, but also my feelings on mommyhood - I have my life back!

Udder Covers allow mommies to nurse hands free, with full coverage, and there are no more "blind" feeding sessions. What makes these super cool is the stainless steel flexible band sewn in across the top, which allows you to position the cover-up so that you can look down and see your baby and everything that's going on totally hands free and without anyone else seeing a thing. Also, the material is super thin and breathable, yet still opaque, so neither you nor your baby will be sweating bullets while your covered up. Plus, these things are cute!!

And here's the great news: I still know how to get them for FREE. Just pay the shipping! Enter the code onefree at the checkout. Simple as that. I may seriously need to get another one of these things! If you are nursing, you must go now...if you might nurse in the future, you should just prepare now...and if you know someone who is planning to should get them a totally awesome shower gift (or Christmas present!) for super cheap!

Just go to their website and have a look at the designs which I've featured on my blog today. (I have the very first design at the top of the page. ADORABLE!) Shipping is $9.95 and worth every penny, I promise. As mentioned before, it did take a few weeks for my order to arrive, so I would definitely jump on this deal if you're wanting one soon. 

Go fetch a free Udder Cover here:

Anything that makes life a little easier is worth checking out, right? Udder Covers have made my life A LOT easier! And while this post may sound something like an infomercial, I promise that I am not a paid spokesperson for these people, haha. This is all me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a precious (almost one month old!) baby to feed. :)


Anonymous said...

Did you get the coupon code a few weeks ago? It was for for a free one and all you paid was shipping. I don't know if it's still going on, but the code was 'cousin2.' It brings $32 total to $0...just pay shipping!
Elizabeth Walker

Adrien said...

Thanks for the code, Liz! I have read somewhere that there is always a free code for the site, but it sometimes changes. It wouldn't hurt for everyone to try both codes. (And I hear you can get multiple free covers if you just open up a new window! Forgot to mention that before.)

Andrea Ingles said...

I wish so badly that I had a need for this! I know I've told you before that I regret not breastfeeding! So if anyone out there is reading this and debating on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, I will give you reasons why you should do it! You've definitely made the right decision, Adrien!


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