Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Steps to Get Left Out of a Family Photo

1. Agonize for a week over what your family is going to wear.

2. Realize that your baby doesn't have a thing to wear that fits the red/white/black theme, so go out and buy her a brand new outfit.

3. Find out from a third party that the pictures are actually NOT red/white/black themed, and you can wear any Christmas colors that you want. Nice.

4. Wake up, get totally excited, and dress your family in coordinating outfits.

5. Attend church, which lets out at about 12:15. Get two babies out of the church doors and grab lunch to go before your pictures, scheduled at 1:00.

6. Survive two tired/hungry/wet and one slightly sick child screaming in the back of the car.

7. Plan to feed, change, and calm down two babies at the designated photo location, and try to keep them awake, because it's also their nap time.

8. Pull up to the designated location and realize that no one else is there.

9. Call someone to find out that the location was changed without warning (you know, the location you called on twice to confirm), and now you are 25 minutes away.

10. Look at your spouse, whose nerves are already rattled, and try not to totally lose it. :)

11. Go back and forth over what you should do, and realize that what was once going to be a difficult situation, has now become totally impossible. Ultimately decide to be considerate and not make the rest of the family and the photographer wait on you, because it will easily be an hour now before you're able to get it together and make it there.

12. Hope and pray that your family understands that infants do NOT do well when their routines are thrown off, that you cannot just turn around on a dime with sick/hungry/tired babies in the car, and that last minute changes without warning mean that somebody is getting left out. That somebody is you.

Tada! Ugh. :(

Eric and I are sincerely sorry to the Robert family for missing our much anticipated family pictures this week. I'm especially sorry to Grandma Beulah, whom I know enjoys taking pictures as much as I do. We wanted to be there just as much as anyone, I promise, and I was personally looking forward to getting our family's pictures taken. I love photos, and I rarely get any pictures with my entire family all together.  I'm also sorry that my daughter decided to get sick on family photo day... she's still not feeling well, in case anyone is wondering. And I'm not saying any of this to be snarky. I just wish that maybe the whole story was communicated to everyone on Sunday, because apparently some family members are very upset with us. :(

And I've decide to edit and leave it at that. :)


Anonymous said...

Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men. We all need divine help for sure. LOL

Greg & Joan

Kaity Teer said...

Oh, you poor, poor thing!! What a disappointment!! Good for you for making the right decision for everyone involved, difficult as it might have been.

PS: I think we had an Interterm class together. Huckleberry Finn... :)

Adrien said...

Hehe, Greg and Joan...that's for sure. :)

Oh, yes, Kaity. I do remember. :) I remember because I made on offhand comment one morning without thinking about it, which probably left you thinking I was a self-absorbed jerk. I meant to say something to you after class that day, but I was too busy being a self-absorbed jerk. :/ I don't even remember what it was regarding anymore, but I do apologize if I hurt your feelings. Stupid stuff like that eats me up inside. I'm super glad that we could reconnect on blogger. Haha. :D I hope you keep up the great blogging! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Adrien and Eric

I'm really sorry for the miscommunication. I thought that I had told everybody time and place, but apparently I hadn't. Please my sincere apology for all that you went through.


Adrien said...

Ah, don't worry about it! We were disappointed, but not angry about it. I think that's why we were taken off guard when we found out that there were others who WERE angry with us. I just hope everyone knows that we didn't blow off the pictures. We so wish we could've been there! :)


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