Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Change Jar Transformation: Castles and Canopies

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Do you remember the show Clarissa Explains It All on Nickelodeon? It had it's first run in the early 90's, and I absolutely loved it. If there's one thing I will always remember about the show, it's Clarissa's funky, mis-matched style which translated not only in her clothing and hairstyles, but also in her famous bedroom.  Forget coordinating bedding and table lamps. There were no matchy-matchy accessories. There were hanging hats on one wall and hubcaps on another. Black checkered boxes were painted haphazardly over traditional wallpaper, and the furniture was painted in bright jewel toned colors with random patterns.

It was a super fun room, and whoever designed the set for the show did a great job making it seem as though a teenager had totally done it themselves. Someday my girls will have rooms like that. :) But they're not teenagers yet, so this mommy has to find a balance between fun and funky, and remembering that this room remodel I'm undertaking is for a couple of baby girls. Still, there ain't gonna be no matchy-matchy!

My original vision for the bedroom was to totally deck it out in the Love N Nature bedding theme that I had purchased at Target over the summer. There were matching pillows and lamps, wall art and rugs, and every little accessory you can possibly imagine to coordinate a little too perfectly with the set. I have nothing against anyone who LOVES to have every single piece of a bedroom line hoarded into one tiny space, but deep inside I am a Clarissa girl. I don't want everything to match just so. So I ditched that idea.

I started brainstorming ideas for what I would do when the time came to redo the girls' room. Should I do a princess theme? Or elaborate on the candy shoppe theme that's already going on? Or maybe flowers. Flowers are nice. Well, I just couldn't decide. true Clarissa form, I'm doing them all! And today's project focuses on the two PRINCESSES in my life.
Nothing says "princess" more than a canopy, and I just HAD to have canopies in the new bedroom. Knowing that I was working with a budget of under $100, I thought that I would have to make a couple of these babies myself. All of the instructions I found online claimed that this would be a simple project, but, er... it didn't sound as simple as all of the claims. I'm all about DIY and saving cash, but at the end of the day, it was going to cost me at least as much money to buy the materials as it would to purchase a $20 canopy, and then I would be risking not even having the darn thing look right. 

So I began my hunt, because twenty bucks a pop was not in the budget. I was about to lose all hope, when I stumbled across the Heavenly Rainbow canopy on Amazon. What grabbed my attention? The $9.43 price tag, that's what! Seriously? I could get two of these things for the price of one? Sold! (And the reviews are pretty great. I never buy something just because it is cheap.) Unfortunately, the price has jumped up a bit since I nabbed my two, and it's now up to $12.40. But that is still a great deal. Eric and I have Amazon Prime, so we also got free shipping, and our rainbow canopies arrived lightening fast just before Christmas. (You can qualify for Amazon Prime if you have a legitimate .edu email address!)

These canopies will hang over Evelyn's toddler bed and Grace's crib. I have plans to tie them back with ribbon, and I hope it works out the way I have envisioned it in my head. But I didn't want to stop there. Yes, canopies are pretty wonderful as a focal point, but I wanted something else. I wanted to add a little personalization somehow to make this feature of the room even more spectacular. And since I had just spent $18.86 of my budget, I wanted it to

So I came up with these:

I just whipped out my All Season's paper pack and a paper trimmer and started cutting out some shapes. For real. I had this idea in my head of how to make a castle, and they turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted them to. Don't ever be afraid to go back and pretend like you're in fourth grade art class again! I absolutely adore my princesses' new castles, and I cannot wait to hang these above each of their beds. I love them even more that they are personalized, and they didn't cost me a dime since every single one of the materials were already at my disposal. :)

So catch the vision with me, okay? Evie's toddler bed is centered on her wall. About 6-12 inches above her bed will be the hanging castle, and flanked on either side will be the flowing sides of the rainbow canopy. Repeat for Grace's crib. Can you see it? I can! And I love it already. If you'd like to know how I made the castles and the dimensions I used, you can watch the video below. Otherwise, keep checking back for more little projects and ideas as I aim to redecorate a bedroom for two baby girls on a change jar budget!



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