Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Change Jar Transformation!

Whew, Christmas is over. At least until Saturday. Haha. We have just one more festive family gathering to attend...well, if you don't count New Years Eve. Okay, I give up. The holiday season is definitely not over, BUT it is finally time for me to begin a project that I have been chomping at the bit to start! I told you here about a little idea I had before the holidays. But before we jump into that, there's a little background information I should probably clue you in on.

When Evelyn was about, oh, six months old she got a little sick and absolutely refused to sleep in her crib one night. As soon as her head hit the pillows in our bed, she was out. As soon as I picked her up and laid her in her crib, she screamed bloody murder. And finally after about an hour or so of groggy fighting with my baby, I let her sleep peacefully between her mom and dad. The same thing happened the next night. And by the time Evie was well again, we had started a lovely little habit.

Some people refer to it as the "family bed" and do things like this on purpose. I call it, "mommy and daddy haven't gotten a great night of rest for over a year now." I suppose if you had just one child and a king sized bed, sleeping as a family wouldn't be a huge deal; however, Eric and I have a FULL sized bed. Yes, that's right. Not even a queen. We barely fit on the thing ourselves, and we have a toddler who sleeps like all toddlers do smack dab between us. You know, arms and legs stretched out at odd angles, roly poly flip floppers...I've been smacked in the face more than once.

I jazzed up our change jar a bit so you would think I was cool...when really I collected the change in an old cookie batter tub. Teehee. :)

We've tried to put her in her own room a couple of times. Failure. And I'm going to admit that it wasn't always Evie's fault. Either Eric or I would feel bad and end up bringing her back to bed with us. I know! We shoot our own selves in the foot all the time. So I decided that once Grace was old enough to be on her own, that we would move them both to their room together, and then maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about putting Evelyn in a room apart from us.

That time has come. I've tested the waters for well over a month now, and it looks as though I have a newborn who is a genuine bonafide through-the-night sleeper. So there's absolutely no reason why she needs to stay in the bassinet right beside our bed any longer.

To mark this big transition for our family, I want to make the girls' room more comfortable and fun for them. I'm hoping that this will incentivize Evie to want to sleep in her own bedroom. Well...okay...let's just be honest. I wanted to do a little redecorating anyway, and this is just a great excuse for me to do it. :)

I told you all here about the white wall dilemma we have in our current household. I tried my best to spice things up a bit in Evie and Grace's room, but I really didn't have a whole lot to work with. So I took a bunch of Evelyn's first birthday party decorations and hung them up. Haha. Tada! That was my decorating job. And while tissue paper pom poms have serviced our family well, it's about time for them to retire as every day decor.

But how in the world will someone who isn't spending money on extra things right now afford to redecorate a room in her house? I wondered the same thing. And that's when a light bulb went off in my head. The change jar!

I've been saving loose change, like so many of you do, ever since we moved to Red Bud in the summer of '09. I had no clue what I was saving it for, but I knew that someday something would come up and I would have a worthy reason to cash it in and have some fun with it. The time is now. There isn't a lot in that jar, but it's enough for me to add some decorative touches here and there and make the room fit for Robert family royalty.

Nope, I didn't tidy up for you. Take it as a compliment. We're tight likethis. :)

At my last count, there was about $80 collected in that jar. I've since added a few coins, but I guarantee you that my budget for this project is under $100. I may do a little creative exchanging to stretch my dollar further. I will certainly be doing DIY projects. And I've been scouring the internet for the best deals on accessories. I've already begun doing a few crafty things, and my first official order for a couple of fun items has already arrived on our doorstep. Woohoo, for once I'm ahead of the game.

I hope you'll check in over the next several days as I take on this decorating {ad}venture!

Now, for those of you who do NOT get motion sickness, you can check out this really poor video that I made in an attempt to show you the girls' bedroom in it's current state. Don't feel bad if you get nauseous and have to turn it off, haha. All you need to see can be seen in the pictures, anyway. We have perfectly good camera equipment, but I'm too lazy to use it. Maybe someday. Maybe. :)

Vimeo has this uncanny ability of catching me in my least flattering moments. Case in point:


Sarah said...

Girl, I don't know how you do it. Luke has been sick for the past week, so he has been in our bed every.night. And I have no slept in a week! He is feeling better now, but he has learned how to open his bedroom door..so about 3 a.m. I get a tap on my arm and charming "Mommy" and there he is wanting to sleep in MY bed once again, poor Dad has slept on the couch the majority of the past week. My 30 pound baby takes up more room than my 300 pound baby! I'm hoping this is not a new trend. And that he is just getting over his sickness.

TEAM toddlers sleep in their OWN beds!!!

PS Can't wait to see the girls room! You always have the cutest ideas :)

Cassie said...

YAY! So excited. Since I told myself I am ONLY having girls too, I can't wait to get some good ideas!!
P.S. Where did you get Evie's toddler bed? I am looking for a white one!!


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