Friday, December 10, 2010

Confession Friday 12-10!

My baby girl has discovered the joys of high heels...and now there's no turning back!

I confess that I feel guilty for not taking enough pictures of Gracie. They always say you take less pictures of your second baby, and I never thought it would be true for me! Sadly it is, and I need to get my rear in gear!

I confess that in the video I posted about the envelope system yesterday, there is a pop-up excusing Evelyn somewhere in the middle that was very strategically placed. I can't tell you why...but if you've read other Confession Fridays you might be able to figure it out. ;)

I confess that I spent an hour trying to figure out how to strategically place that darn pop-up. Who knew five seconds of whoops could ruin an eight minute video??

I confess that I had a conversation with my OBGYN this week about not taking my clothes off in the parking lot, because that would be a federal offense.  She cracks me up.... And if you don't get the joke, then...erm, let's just move on. :D

I confess that I am thrilled and excited to dig through the Target dollar bins tonight to find stocking stuffers for the girls. Is that normal, or do I have a sick obsession for buying cheap stuff?

I confess that biscuits and gravy has become not only a favorite breakfast food around here, but also dinner, lunch, and sometimes as a little snackeroo. We're obsessed! And my hubby makes better biscuits and gravy than ANY restaurant you could possibly name right now. De.Lish.Us.

I confess that I told you all about redecorating the girls' room before I let Eric in on the news...hehe. He was very curious to know where the money was going to come from. Don't worry, dear. I know exactly where the money is coming from. :)

I confess that I am really looking forward to throwing myself a Christmas present wrapping party in the next few days, because it means having the house to myself for two whole precious hours. The quiet will be deafening, and I will soak up every last minute of it!

I confess that my little sister asked me to proofread one of her papers last night, and it revealed to me that I need to go back to school, haha. One fifteen year old girl (we'll call her "hot pink ink") had already caught errors that I wouldn't have. That's embarrassing.

I confess that proofreading that paper reminded me how much I loathed The Pearl. a former Education major I may have reminded my sister not to sweat this paper too much, because it's the last one before the holidays and her teacher will be grading them quickly and could really care less about a sophomore's interpretation of Steinbeck's total snooze fest novel. Alright, so I didn't use those exact words, but I did make that point, and I'm pretty sure that's a secret her teacher wouldn't appreciate me sharing. :)

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Meagan said...

I confess that we ran out of toilet paper last week and instead of going to the store to buy more we just went to Ryan's parents house and took some of theirs!! I eventually bought some when I went shopping for everything else!


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