Friday, December 17, 2010

Confession Friday 12-17!

I confess that Moe has not moved in three days, because I'm just plain lazy. And I've decided Moe's real name is Moses - highly appropriate given his "wandering" nature. 

I confess that it is MUCH harder to pump a bottle with a curious toddler in the house. Oh boy. So, I decided to try to pump a bottle for Grace for the first time ever, because I had to get a root canal. That's not the sort of thing you can just quit in the middle of to come home and feed the baby, ya know? I went into the kitchen to scrounge up a bottle and when I walked back into the room, Evelyn was wearing my pump like an oxygen mask. :D And then the entire time I was pumping she proceeded to readjust my PRESSURE dials...eeeouch! Do you know how awkward it is to position a pump while swatting away a toddler? Probably not. Don't try it. :)

I confess that I cannot figure out how to get my blog header up there centered, and it's driving me BONKERS!

I confess that we have ordered Pizza Hut for just our family maybe three times since we've been married (not kidding), and two of those times happened just this week. Um, we really needed to go grocery shopping. :)

I confess that, much to Eric's dismay, I hardly ever remember to floss my teeth. He is seriously my dental hygiene accountability partner, haha. things change when you're married! And while some of you may think that's sweet in a really strange sort of way, don't be fooled. Eric is definitely fiscally motivated. Cavities mean dental floss, floss, floss!

I confess that I thoroughly enjoy the benefits of Eric working in an office around Christmastime. We receive all kinds of delectables from many of the managers he has helped over the past year. Ridiculously addicting chocolate covered cookies from Hawaii, fudgy brownies from the Vermont Brownie Company...we were even given glass tumblers from Tiffany & Co. this year. I never know what Eric will bring home next, but keep 'em coming, honey!

I confess that I NEVER know what to get my dad for Christmas. I can't afford new cars, boats, or pinball machines. :)

I confess that there is a civil war brewing in our house over the thermostat. I know this is a major cliche between married couples, but it is a legitimately annoying problem. Eric is pretty bold in his approach to constantly press that button down...but I'm a little sneakier each time I nudge that button up. Hehehe....

I confess that I thought I had landed myself right in the center of the most bizarre situation ever in the middle of my root canal today. Here are some snippets of conversation that were firing over my head between my male dentist and his young female hygienist.

Dentist: So do you want to come over for dinner tonight?
Hygienist: Sure, why not.

Really? Is this dude asking a girl out over my root canal??
(Then a few minutes later)

Hygienist: Yeah, I could've used some extra money yesterday.
Dentist: Oh, are you getting low on cash?
Hygienist: A little bit.
Dentist: Well, I can give you some.


Hygienist: Eh, the banks will be closed by the time I get off, anyway.
Dentist: Then just give me your account number and I'll make a deposit for you.

Seriously? What kind of operation are these people running?
(Several minutes after that...)

Dentist: (to me) So we're heading to Branson this weekend to take a ride on the Polar Express. My wife and I rented a one bedroom cabin to stay in, and I think my two year old son is going to get a real kick out of it.

Hygienist: Yeah, but I'm the one that has to share a bed with him.

WHAT? WHAT? I am so confused. Someone get me out of here! turns out that the hygienist was the dentist's daughter. I confess that I was totally not thinking that was the deal AT.ALL. Whew! Glad I was so wrong. And after finding out the truth, I confess that I think it's totally awesome that a father and daughter get to work together. They made a great team, let me tell ya. Didn't feel any pain!

I confess that I've been staying up way too late on this dang blog lately, so I am going to bed. Peace. Out.


Christine Pettijohn said...

Where are you finding these cool layouts for your blog? I have seen Christmas ones on here but do not know where they are coming from.

Meagan said...

love, love, love the new header & background!!

I confess that I NEVER floss my teeth...except for a couple of times a year!! =/

Cassie said...

bahaha - omg i would have thought the exact same thing!! too funny, i cracked up at my desk.

i confess that even though it's stella's 1st christmas i did NOT go all crazy. a part of me felt bad because she doesn't have 23958 gifts under the tree but just the other day someone brought over a gift for her to unwrap and she could care less. then by time we got the gift opened what did she love the most? the BOX it came in. so now i don't feel so bad that she only has like 10 small gifts under the tree instead of 100.

Adrien said...

Christina - there are lots of places online that offer free backgrounds! My header came from My background was found right here on blogger.

Thanks, Meagan!

Don't feel bad, Cassie. We were the same way with Evie last year. Since she really didn't know what was going on, she got a few toys and lots of clothes. There were maybe 8 gifts total under the tree. Honestly, I prefer quality over quantity, anyway...especially since I'M the one who has to pick up all the toys with little pieces, haha.

Alanna said...

Wow! What an awkward dental experience! Haha, I'm glad it turned out to be a dad and daughter!

Also, I really like your new layout :)

Adrien said...

Oh, geez Christine, I know your name is not Christina, haha. Promise!


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