Friday, December 3, 2010

Confession Friday 12-3!

It's a new month and time for some new confessions! Oh Confession Friday, how I have missed thee. 

I confess that as an adult, I am still holding out hope that there is a Santa Claus and that one day I will fly to the North Pole and chillax with some elves...drink a little egg nog...and maybe pet a deer.

I confess that I plan to start yet another Christmas tradition. It's called, "Daddy takes the girls out of the house for a couple of hours so mommy can get some peace and quite wrap presents." ;)

I confess that I was scheduled for a root canal on Monday, but it got pushed back until the 17th and I'm childishly ecstatic. I know I'm just delaying the inevitable, but it was really going to put a damper on my weekend. :)

 Oh yes, I will get some swanky tanks, if it's the last thing I do. 

I confess that I'm slowly warming Eric up to the idea of shopping for some clothes for the girls this weekend, but I really just want some $5 tanks from Old Navy for myself. (Eric, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't see that one.)

I confess that I'm addicted to watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT, because it motivates me to back-away-from-the-cookies. I'm also addicted to The Singing Bee even though I don't know half of the songs. I took a country music hiatus in high school and college, but I confess that it's actually becoming my favorite genre lately. Gasp!

I confess that I listened to Taylor Swift's "Better Than Revenge" no less than five times in a row yesterday while imagining I was a country music superstar. Sadly, the smoke and the lights faded away to reveal my kitchen, and my rhinestone studded microphone morphed back into a wooden spoon. Rats!

I confess that I just got some sort of twisted pleasure out of TP'ing part of my own house a few minutes ago, and I get to blame it all on an inanimate elf. Awesome.

I confess that there is a baby licking my arm right now and it's cracking me up. Ahh!! It tickles! :D

My over achiever. 

I confess that Gracie is really spoiling me by consistently sleeping through the night, and any babies that follow her will have grossly high expectations. Haha. She is so low-mantenance, it is WONDERFUL.

I confess that I'm terrified that God blessed me with such a low-mantenance baby, because He knows in nine months I'll be pregnant again. (And to clarify, I am NOT looking to be pregnant again any time soon.)

I confess that I picture God chuckling at that last confession.


Cassie said...

Oh yes, I love love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders AND The Signing Bee. Two shows my husband will watch with me! The first one, well for obvious reason, and the second one because it makes him feel like he really does know the words to the songs. Baha. And Melissa Peterman, the host, hilarious!! Don't cry for me Marge and Tina? Haha, gets me every time.

Meagan said...

ugh...I totally forgot about the singing bee coming back on!! What day does it come on again?!

I confess that I'm afraid I'm going to ruin the whole Santa thing....I had a problem with buying some of Keegan's presents when he was with me & then telling him they were for someone else!! He is a pretty smart cookie so I'm hoping he doesn't put two & two together!!


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