Friday, December 31, 2010

Confession Friday - New Years Eve!

Happy New Years Eve, everybody!

I confess that we're spending New Years Eve with my parents, and I'll be lucky if I get Eric to last until 9:00. I'm almost positive I'll be ringing in the new year all by my lonesome.

I confess that out of all of Evelyn's crazy antics this week, my favorite has been the underwear backpack. Observe:

 The girl is fashionably ahead of her time.

I confess that Eric and I big-time splurged on a new flash for our camera this week, so we don't have to take washed out pictures like the ones above anymore. 

I confess that we received chocolate covered cookies for Christmas from a financial planner in Hawaii again this year, and I have eaten every single one so far. At least a dozen a day. For real. They are so addicting, and I want them out of my house! And if that means I have to eat them all myself to ensure that they are gone for good, then so be it. :)

I confess that I am so getting some work done after I'm through having children. I'm only on baby number two and it's quite apparent that some things are just never ever going to be the same. So go ahead and start the gossiping now, cause if you're ever asking "did she or didn't she?" you can bet she did. 

I confess that I have indeed become a closet Oprah viewer during her last season, and I am actually looking forward to the launch of her new network tomorrow. Bwahaha...don't shoot! I have some friends who are looking at me cross-eyed right now, I'm sure.

I confess that Grace is only two months old and...wait for it...I'm already getting baby fever. What?? No one is more shocked by this than me. Evelyn was a surprise. Grace was a surprise. If things would have worked out according to "my life plan" then I would probably be pregnant with my first child about now. So why in the world do I want three kids at 25? I have no idea. I guess this mommy gig is cooler than I thought! And being a mom of more than one is not NEARLY as difficult as I thought it would be. But don't worry, Eric and I both want to wait to have any more kids. Well...of course...the first two were surprises, so.... :)

I confess that I'm not that sad about taking down all of the Christmas decor this year and getting the house back to normal. Usually I dread taking down all of the holiday pretties, but I've been stopping myself all week and making myself wait until after the New Year. 

I confess that Eric and I have already agreed that when we own a home, we're going to hire one of those services to come to our house and hang lights for us, haha. Hanging the lights is fun, taking them down in the dead of winter...not so much.

I confess that our trip to Gymboree for the big sale on Sunday did not go as planned. UGH!! Yes, we went. But guess what? I didn't realize until the night before (Christmas day) that all of my coupons had expired. We spent more time hunting down coupons than I did shopping, and we NEVER found one. Luckily, over the course of this week I've tracked down three, and we're heading back to the store for a price adjustment and some more shopping this weekend! 

I confess that I'm going to miss 2010. Such a nice number. 

Have a fun and SAFE New Years Eve!!

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