Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 1st Festivities

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the countdown to Christmas has officially begun! The evening of December 1st in our home is anticipated almost as much as Christmas Eve...well, for me anyway. :) It's the official kick-off to the Robert family Christmas season, and it's too much fun. "Phantom" visitors, presents, family time, and now the beginning of our Elf on the Shelf tradition are all wrapped up into one night that's sweeter than a cup of hot chocolate. And metaphorically adding marshmallows to sweeten the deal,  Evelyn is actually "getting it" a lot more than I thought she would this year. I love it!

But of course no amount of dreaming and planning for this night can keep things from going wrong, and boy did we have a few mishaps. Hilarious mishaps. Eric and I spent the whole evening laughing at how very un-compliant our oldest is when it comes to doing traditions just right...Evelyn definitely knows how to put her own spin on things. :) So stop peeking through the windows, and come on in. We're inviting you to share our December 1st with us!

I was excited to finally start ticking off the days of December on our advent calendar, but I had no clue how thrilled Evelyn would be about it, too! I assumed she would shrug her shoulders and move on quickly without paying much attention like she does with so many other things I try to get her interested in. But on this morning, as I placed a bright yellow star over the number "1" and exclaimed, "It's December first, hooray!" Evelyn danced a little jig and giggled like crazy, spinning in circles around our living room. My kid is playing along this time. Awesome!

We had our normal daytime routine, and I had dinner waiting for us as soon as Eric walked in the door from work. And it's a good thing that I had already planned baths into our evening, because Evelyn really, really enjoyed her soup.

Ah, after some quick baths we had two clean, beautiful girls with no idea what was about to be in store for them. :) Years ago, my mom started a tradition in our family that on a particular night in December, Santa Claus would knock on our door and then fly away, leaving a box of candy canes and the promise that he would be watching to make sure that we were good. I decided to continue this tradition with our family, only Santa would leave our kids their Christmas P.J's with a note instructing them to wear these special jammies on Christmas Eve. (We have a precious video of this last year, when Evie was our one and only. *Sigh*)

So our plan was that I would go outside and set up our little display, which would include our Elf Moe this year, while Eric distracted the girls in their bedroom. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, as I was out in the freezing cold, trying desperately to get our little dude to sit up straight and snap a few pictures, I got that sensation that someone was watching me. You know that feeling, right? And as I turned around, there was Evelyn standing in the doorway peering out with a huge grin on her face.


I was laughing so hard that I could barely talk as I approached a sheepish Eric who had obviously FAILED at his one job for the evening. Haha. I'm just glad that Evie is too young to put two and two together. So I sent them back into the bedroom for a do-over. The doorbell "magically" rang, and the family came rushing out to see who it was.

I was tickled pink that Evie played along and acted just as surprised to see her wrapped gifts waiting for her as if she hadn't already seen them. Attached to the presents was a note from Santa and Mrs. Claus, which Eric and I spent half of the afternoon trying to hash out the details of over the phone. This is what Evie thought of the letter:

Bahaha! We were cracking up, and I'm pretty sure only the first few lines of the note were actually read. Well, there's always next year! And thankfully Eric made two copies. But I think the ripped one will go into the memory box, because that will always be my memory of it. :)

Just as we were turning our attention to the presents, Evelyn got that all-familiar mischievous look in her eye, and before we knew it, she was off! The little booger snatched up both gifts and took off running through the house with them, laughing her head off.

Let me just say, you cannot be uptight and successfully raise a toddler. They certainly have minds of their own, and they'll leave you laughing until your ribs hurt if you just go with it. And that's what we choose to do, more often than not.

We finally did manage to get our gifts opened....

Evelyn obviously loved her new Christmas pajamas. (You can find these and the ones the girls are wearing at Kohls. They have lots of cute jammies out now, for both boys and girls!) And, as always, Gracie is sooo adorable. :)

It was then time for daddy to read to Evelyn and Grace the book that would explain our new Elf friend and what in the world he was now doing at our house. I'm not so sure they got it. Haha. Not that I expected them to. But it was still a super cute moment, and I know that in years to come I will treasure reading that story over and over again.

Lil' Moe was placed into the tree for safe-keeping, and we did something we never get to do. We played a game! Well, Eric and I played a game. Grace laid in my arms, and Evelyn colored a masterpiece.

It was a pathetic game of Yahtzee, let me tell ya, with both of us taking zeros in several categories. We're a little rusty at the dice throwin.' :) But I think it was partially do to the fact that Eric was distracted by the boxes sitting stacked up near our front door. You see, all day long he had been waiting for a package bearing a new MacBook Pro. It had been "out for delivery" since five that morning, but it never came to our house. Eric had given up hope that it would be arriving at all, until the UPS man showed up literally two minutes before the cutoff for deliveries at 7:00pm.

Here he is, finally getting to reveal his treasure, haha. I was thrilled to see him so happy. We're starting a new family business venture, and this computer was purchased with cash from the profits that have already been made in order to further the business. Fun times!

It was a great evening. Marvelous. Wonderful. And I wouldn't change a thing about it. Not even being caught red-handed trying to be sneaky by my 17 month old daughter. Oh man, I really wish I could've snapped a picture of the look on her face when she saw me through the glass door. In my mind I picture her saying, "Heeey mooom, whatcha doin?" Hehe. And I'm super excited that with the addition of the Elf on the Shelf, every single day leading up to Christmas will have a little something to look forward to. I'm just so grateful to have this time with my family...I love those guys.


Cassie said...

Too cute!! Are you guys doing a gift for every day leading to Christmas? I think I wana join your family if so. lol. Good luck with the business too!!

Adrien said...

Oh, heck no, haha. The girls won't be getting another gift from us until Christmas morning. I'd take a gift every day, though. :D

Meagan said...

love the new pj idea being left from santa!! we use to play yahtzee all the time but haven't in a loooonnngggg time....I think I know what we will be doing tonight!! :)


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