Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eh, who needs Savings Sunday?

It's been a long day at the Robert house - and an enlightening one. Seems that things change quite a bit when you and your friends have children. Game night turns into "what game can we play and still pack around babies" night. Hehe. We learned that Yahtzee is the perfect game to play with babies around, because only one hand is required to roll the dice! The littles keep us on our toes, that's for sure!

So, this was supposed to be the last week for Savings Sunday, but I'm going to be really honest here: I am 99% done with shopping, and I don't want to think about it EVER.AGAIN. (Until December 26. Haha.) So instead, I have a question for you all that has been driving me nuts. It's a point of conversation that keeps being brought up among my online mom friends, and I want to know what YOU do.

Our tree on Christmas Eve, with wrapped gifts piled beneath it.

Okay, so on Christmas morning in your household, regardless of if you do Santa or not, are the presents for the kids that sit beneath the tree wrapped or unwrapped?

I know that we all have our own traditions, but I have never heard of leaving all of the gifts for the kids unwrapped beneath the tree. It just seems weird to me. But I seem to be in the minority in the cyber-world. Most families seem to do gifts from mom and dad wrapped, while Santa's gifts sit perched under the tree in all of their naked glory.

I'm all for leaving the bigger gifts that require assembly unwrapped with at least a bow on top. It's much more appealing to see a dollhouse or kitchen set or tool table all set up and ready to go. But ALL of the gifts? Hmm.... Here are the arguments that I have been hearing both ways:

For those that wrap all of the gifts:

*"Half of the fun of Christmas morning is watching the surprise on my kids' faces as they open their presents."
*"If the gifts weren't wrapped, my children would wake up in the middle of the night and see what they were getting without my husband and I around."
*"Christmas morning would be over in two seconds if the gifts weren't wrapped."

For those that leave the gifts unwrapped:

*"The toys actually look beautiful beneath the tree with the lights shining off of the plastic packaging. My husband and I carefully take out all of the toys from their boxes, remove anything tying them down, and add batteries where need be so that everything is ready to play with right away."
*"I HATE wrapping presents."
*"I can't be bothered with trying to hide the special wrapping paper that Santa uses."

Evelyn's very first stocking, filled with unwrapped goodies. 

Now, here's question number two. Does your family do stockings, and if so, are the gifts inside of the stockings wrapped or unwrapped? 

This was another question that popped up with answers I wasn't expecting. Even though I am accustomed to having wrapped gifts under the tree, stocking presents were always left unwrapped in my family. Again, I seem to be in the minority. Most others in the discussion either wrapped all or none. Huh.

So now I'm dying to know if I'm alone here. What does your family do when it comes to wrapping presents? Am I really the oddball? And have you ever thought about WHY you do things the way you do, or are you just carrying over traditions in the way your parents did things for you?

Have a happy Sunday, everyone! And please someone, anyone, let me know I'm not a weirdy. :)


Staci said...

I guess I do a combination. When the girls were little and we did Santa, i wrapped the presents under the tree and left the ones in the stockings unwrapped. We still do stockings, even though my baby is 15. I now wrap the presents in the stockings and stuff them whenever i wrap them. No use waiting till Christmas Eve night to stuff them when they are all teenagers or older. I agree with the "wrappers".

Candace said...

We always had ours wrapped under the tree. I think unwrapping presents makes it more fun. It is the mystery of guessing what could be inside! We always had stockings too but the stocking acted as the wrapping for those gifts. I agree with the wrappers too!

Meagan said...

You are not weird...and if you are then I am too! :) ALL of the presents under the tree are wrapped and they don't go under the tree until Christmas Eve, with the exception of the gifts we got for each other. All of Keegans gifts are from Santa except for one or two that is from us. The stocking stuffers are not wrapped....I mean they are in a stocking do they really need to be wrapped?!

Craig and Litney said...

I haven't been able to wrap presents for children yet, BUT when I was growing up, all presents were wrapped underneath the tree, except for big things like a kitchen set, or a litte bicycle when we were little tikes. The gifts in our stockings were rarely wrapped.
*About the comment of special santa wrapping paper, I remember asking my parents why santa's presents had the same wrapping paper as our presents, and my mom said that santa would wrap the gifts once he got to our house and that they would leave all the wrapping paper out for him. Haha!

Sara said...

We wrap, it just doesn't feel like Christmas til I've wrapped gifts! My parents and my husband's parents were both the same way also, all gifts wrapped and weren't put under the tree until late Christmas eve. I agree about leaving big presents out, too awkward to wrap and frustrating for kids to wait while their parents figure out how to assemble their new toy.

Emily said...

For my family growing up, Santa would take down our stocking (stuffed with unwrapped gifts) and put it near the big gift (if we had one that didn't fit in the stocking) which I believe was also unwrapped. Our bedrooms were upstairs so we would have to come downstairs and wait at the closed door until my parents could get the video camera. (If we got up in the middle of the night, my mom would surely hear us, and she was always awake very early in the morning so there was no way that we could sneak a look.) Our gifts from our parents would have been wrapped, under the tree, and opened on Christmas Eve (after we got back from Christmas Eve church service).

Kim said...

I used to wrap all gifts until the incident when Elizabeth noticed that "Santa had the same paper we do." Then I came to the realization that there is no need for Santa to get ALL the credit. From that time forward all wrapped gifts were from Mommy and Daddy and the one unwrapped gift that showed up Christmas morning was the one Santa brought. Stocking stuffers are always unwrapped in our house.

Our Crazily-Random Life said...

I wrap everything that goes under the tree except the Santa gifts because those are usually the big items. And things that go in the stocking do not get wrapped! At least that is how we have always done it as far back as I can remember & I continued on with my children the same way.

Ashley N. said...

We wrap everything.....of course, we don't do Santa anymore, but even his gifts were wrapped.

Adrien said...

Hooray! I'm not alone. :) Thanks, guys! I am beginning to think that maybe it is a regional thing??

Kim- I've heard a lot of people say the exact same thing. The ones that left Santa's gifts unwrapped preferred that most of the presents were from mom and dad anyway. And that's a whole other discussion, because Eric and I haven't designated ANYTHING to be from us, haha. Which, now that I think about it, that IS weird.

Christine Pettijohn said...

I wrap the gifts under the tree, that way it makes Christmas morning last longer and Wyatt keeps guessing. The stocking gifts I leave unwrapped. I am just not that motivated to wrap the little gifts that go in there.

Stefanie said...

Growing up we always had our "santa gifts" unwrapped in little piles by our stockings. and then presents from everyone else are wrapped. I always loved doing it that way- you get the best of both worlds- seeing gifts already unwrapped but getting to experience the joy of finding out what mystery is hiding behind the wrapping paper. we never had "santa" paper. Our santa gifts usually were little things like books, movies, pj's, things like that and our bigger gifts were always from our parents. I'll probably keep with that tradition because it seems a lot easier then having to deal with the santa paper issue and such!


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