Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy 100 to Us!

There comes a time in every blog writer's life when a certain milestone is reached, and that milestone is the 100th post. It's a badge of honor. It says: Hey, I've been at this thing for a little bit, and I have plans to stick around a little longer. So as I stand here today, basking in the bright spotlight of number one-zero-zero, I would like to thank God, my husband....

Bahaha. No, but seriously. Woohoo! We made it to 100, guys. And whether you've been following along from the very beginning or if you just popped in yesterday for the first time, I hope that you'll stick around for the next 100. :)

For well over a year Eric bugged me and bugged me and bugged me to start a blog, and I refused to do it. I didn't think I had the time to devote to a blog. I didn't think I had a thing to write about, and I didn't think a single person would care to read it. It wasn't until several other people randomly mentioned that I should start blogging that I finally said, "Okay, fine! What do I have to lose?" I was seven months pregnant at the time and uncertain of what the future would hold, but I made a commitment to myself to write at least a little something and so far, I think I've come pretty close. We'll see if I can keep up the pace in the new year!

So to celebrate 100 posts, I'm sharing my top ten favorite entries of all-time. All-time being...oh...since about late August. :) Hope you enjoy taking a walk down memory lane with me.

10. It's Beginning to look a lot like...Autumnus?

I was seven months pregnant when I wrote this very early post! It was so much fun to put together, and I knew once I had written this one that this was the type of blog I wanted to create.

It was just a day in the life of...flying carpets and traveling through time. I never want to forget days like these!

It was the first day of Fall and we celebrated by paying homage to this juicy Fall fruit. It was goofy and fun, and I can still taste that delicious pie. Mmmm....

7. Stealing Stepford Back

I was cooking dinner one evening when this blog idea came to me. I couldn't wait to start writing it, so with one hand I typed, and with the other I stirred a pot. *True Story* ;) And, for the record, I still want to be a Stepford.

6. Autumn Memories

One of our last days out as a family of three. I was very pregnant and rounder than any of those pumpkins, and we were hurrying to to pick our annual orange gourd before Gracie arrived on the scene. By the time we were carving our fruity friend, we were home with our other little pumpkin! (Are pumpkins a fruit? Haha.)

5. Go Big Maroon!

I felt like I was back in my "Feature Magazine Writing" class for this one. It was lots of fun to diverge away from the normal blog post. And how could I not write about my alma mater? They had an awesome season!

4. A Fantastically Frugal Christmas

Yes, this one is very recent, but it's quickly going down as one of my all time favorites! I share the deals and steals I got for Christmas 2010.

3. Cookie Baking Extravaganza! 

This is one of my favorite newer traditions with my mom. We roll up our sleeves and bake Christmas cookies for an entire day. Hey mom, we're already running low over here. How about you? Haha....

2. Evelyn's Birth Story and Grace's Birth Story

Now how could I choose just one? Two WAY different experiences!

Quite possibly my favorite day being a mom so far. I can't wait to make memories like these with Gracie, too. :) I can't even look at these pictures without tearing up. Yep, here I go again....

Okay, so now I'm realizing that I should have done a top 20, because I have way too many favorites that didn't make this list! It has nothing to do with my writing abilities one way or another, but with the memories that are connected to each and every one. If this blog means this much to me now, I can't imagine what it will be like to read some of these entries years from now. *Sigh*

So one more hip hip, hooray for 100! I'm still chuggin' along, and I invite you to get comfy and stay with me a while. Pretty please? :)

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. Joan and I have enjoyed each one of your entries.

Your In-Laws
Greg & Joan


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